August 2014

  A new Expansion Planning committee is established. Their first meeting was on August 5, 2014.

  Those volunteering to serve on the committee - 
  Bruce Atherton 
  Jill Craven 
  Nancy Day 
  Helen Freeman 
  Jamie Graves 
  Gaylen Heaberlin 
  Andrea Hackett 
  Torie Hermann 
  Saundra Stuart 
  Janice Williams 
  Pastor Gary Forster - Ex Officio

September 2014

  Expansion Planning committee scheduled a Charge Conference for October 5, 2014 after church with District Superintendent David Weesner for 2 agenda items: 
  To approving the concept of expansions of the Sanctuary, the Fellowship Hall, and the parking lot.
  To approve a slate of persons to serve on the Building Committee for this expansion project.

October 2014

  Charge Conference on October 5, 2014 voted for the Expansion committee to continue studying adding to the church facility. 
  The committee formed sub committees, made up of members of the congregation, to study:
     Fellowship Hall 
     Parking Lot 

November 2014 - March 2015

  Expansion committee and the sub committees developed plans for each area. Each sub committee met several times and two congregation wide presentations were made to share the preliminary work and give all a chance to ask questions, make suggestions and provide opinions.

April 2015

  Expansion committee submitted the plan to the Central District Board of Church Location and Buildings.

October 2015

 The Central District Board of Church Location and Buildings approved Centennial's Expansion Committee report.

January 2016

  Charge Conference on January 24, 2015 voted against the Expansion committee report and moving to Phase 3, which terminated the expansion process for Centennial.