Kitchen - Expansion Sub Committee

Notes from November 13, 2014 Meeting

1. Bob Johnson, Tim Campbell and Gaylen Heaberlin were visitors and offered a lot of good advice.

2. Bob told us can lights were not very good lighting and very inefficient. We are going to look into different lighting. Also for additional light we could have LED lights under the cabinets.

3. Tim made the suggestion that we open up the west side of the counter to the fellowship hall. We could then serve dessert, coffee etc. directly to the fellowship hall. The NW corner will be for dirty dishes . A hole will be cut in the counter with the nasty trash can under the counter. The dishwasher and a sink would be located close by.

4. We would move the pantry from the NW corner of the kitchen to the NE corner.

5. There also was some discussion on reusing some of the old cabinets. Bob said he knew a guy who could match the color.

6. We also would like a plate handler that could be rolled around like our glasses and cups now.

7. Putting cabinets to the ceiling instead of a bulkhead was also discussed.

8. It was decided to use vinyl tiles instead of ceramic.

9. Bob told us we could get on line to check for used restaurant equipment.

Next meeting : December 10th at 7:15

Nancy Day, Secretary