This ministry have been blessed to have been active in many parts of this world. We have seen with our own hearts what the Lord is doing and what the Lord requires of us to do all over the world. We have had many moments of celebration and even moments of hesitation. We have visited some of the riches areas as well as have been in some of the most worse conditioned areas of this world.

We believe that 'a picture can say a thousand words' so therefore it is our desire to show you various aspects of our world of ministry in pictures.


1970 began my missionary ministry in Roubaix, France. This was a 'pic' day before heading on to Brussels, Belgium
35 years later on a revisit I'm in a 'pic' with the original pastor and his wife(Daniel and Marie). They're no longer pastoring the church but they are still preaching the gospel throughout Europe.
During that time Daniel(of Versaile, France) made a journey to Roubaix to assist in the project.


This are some of the most wonderful people in the world to know. They came from various places in Germany to be a part of the blessings
After leaving a pastorate in Honolulu the family moved to California to continue the work of the Lord. While there we were visited by Rev. Glenn who was one of my former assistants and later pastoring the church in Honolulu came to visit our work in Los Angeles.
Here I'm blessed and honored to be giving some biblical instructions to some young saints in a village just outside of Johannesburg, South Africa during the mid 90's


A great moment of fellowship with saint of South Africa
I'm blessed to have been greeted by some of the young citizens of Saweto, South Africa.
With Pastor Barnabus who is a dear friend, supporter, partner in ministry(Jo-Berg), and also served as my interpreter during the time(s) of ministry there.



 A scene in the Shanti town of Mitchell's Plane just outside of Capetown, South Africa. An opened aired market of selling different meats without any type of refrigeration.
Ammie McBeal was a young(white) missionary in Mitchell's Plane trying to make a difference in the lives of God's people there. For her loyality and dedication to the cause someone(s) murdered her. This is the cross memorializing her ministry, life and death.
Just a view in the background of Mitchell's plane where approximately 1,000,000 live in an area of 1.5 square miles(Capetown)



A local business trying to make a living by the selling of her crafts and instruments.
This dear woman(in the picture) is in her 80's but had no problem praising the Lord in a dance (Lagos, Nigeria)
This building houses the church(Christ Apostolic Church) in Lagos, Nigeria. I was blessed to be a part of a team of ministry who dedicated this work to the Lord.


 Nigeria and England comes to America. Pastor Israel Oyegunle and his lovely bride Victoria blessed the West Family at there home in Peachtree City, Georgia
They labored with me...they prayed with me...they helped me to grow into the man God desired me to be. The King's Seminary(Doctoral graduation June 2009)
 My wife, partner, fellow minister, dearest friend and a very present help in the time of storms. Where would I be without her???????

Evangelist DeEtta(Mamma D) is being applauded by Pastor Donnie McClurkin for her contribution to ministry and her representation of the Gospel Music Channel's support of McClurkins' ministry.