The Millennium (One Thousand Year Reign of Jesus Christ)


Scripture reference: Isaiah 11:1-16

(1)    Messiah Jesus’ ancestry.

(Matt. 1; Lk. 3)

Isa. 11: 1

Christ is called a rod. Heb. Choter, a twig; a tender branch. The tender beginning of a branch, growing out of a dead fallen tree.

He is also called a Branch. Heb. Netzer, a green shoot; a branch. It speaks of a mature, fully developed branch taken from a tree, capable of beating out grain; disciplining children; used as a shepherds staff or club; a scepter for a king or a club for war and protection.

(2)    Sevenfold complete anointing of Messiah Jesus

(Rev. 1:4; Isa. 61:1; Matt.3: 16; Jn.3: 34; Acts 10:38)

Isa. 11:2

7fold anointing of Jesus

1.      The Spirit of the Lord

2.      The Spirit of wisdom (1Cor.12:8)

3.      The Spirit of understanding

4.      The Spirit of council

5.      The Spirit of might

6.      The Spirit of knowledge (1Cor.12:8)

7.      The Spirit of the fear of the Lord

(3)    Ninefold character of Jesus’ reign

(Isa.32: 1; 42:1; 61:3; 65:18; 66:18; Jer.23: 3; Mic.4; Zech.14; Rev.20)

Isa.11: 3-5

The Spirit’s anointing first gives Christ an understanding to reverence God. This causes Him to conduct Himself in righteousness as proven:

2 things Jesus will not do in His millennial reign

(1)   He will not judge based solely on what His eyes sees

(2)   He will not administer justice based on rumors

2 things He will do in His millennial reign

(1)   Smite the oppressors of the earth

(2)   Slay the wicked or the wicked one (antichrist)

Great qualities of Messiah Jesus

Righteousness (Heb.1: 9)

Faithfulness    (Heb.2: 17; Rev.1: 5)

(4)   Ninefold quality of Jesus’ reign

(Isa.2: 1-4; 4:1-6; 61:3; 65:18; Zech.14: 16-21; Rev.20)

Isa.11: 6-8

Jesus’ presence and the binding of the evil powers to the bottomless pit, brings a change in the nature of the animal kingdom (Rev.20: 1-3).

(1)   The wolf and sheep living together

(2)   The leopard and kid (goat, etc) sleep together

(3)   The calf, young lion and fatling (young animal) sleep together

(4)   A little child shall lead and play with all the above creatures

(5)   The cow and the bear shall feed

(6)   There young ones will sleep together

(7)   The lion will eat straw or vegetation as well as will all other meat eating animals

(8)   The nursing child shall play around the nest of the viper called the asp; A very deadly and aggressive snake.

(9)   The weaned child shall put his hand in the nest of the cockatrice; a most poisonous and deadly snake whose bite is fatal within one hour.

(5)     Extent and establishment of Jesus’ reign

(Ps.72: 8; Hab.2: 14; Mic.4: 1; Dan.7: 13-14; Zech.14: 9, 16-21; Rev.11: 15; 20:1-10)


Universal blessings

(1)   No accidents nor deaths (based on obedience)

(2)   Complete knowledge of the Lord upon the earth

Jesus the focus of desire and worship

The root of Jesse shall stand for an ensign of the people. An ensign is a banner or standard. Messiah Jesus Himself will be that standard, the rallying point of all nations. To Him will they come to put their trust in (Isa.11: 10, 12; 30:17; 31:9; 49:22; 59:19; 62:10). His rest shall be glorious.

(6)     The Regathering of Israel

(Isa. 14:1; 27:12; 43:5; 60:9; 66:20; Jer.30: 10; 31:8; 32:37; 33:7; 46:27; 50:4; Ezek.16: 53; 20:33-40; 34:11; 36:24; 37:11-19; 39:25; Hos.2: 14; 3:5; Amos 9:13; Mic.4: 6; 5:7; 7:11; Zech.2: 6; 3:18; 10:6, 9; Mal.3: 18; Matt.24: 31)

Isa.11: 11-12

Israel will be gathered a second time. The first time was after the Babylonian captivity up to the time of Christ. Ezra, Nehemiah, Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi spoke of this first regathering.

The Jews were again scattered in 70 AD to many parts of the world and can be found on almost every island and continent on the earth. They will be regathered a second time in the millennial reign of Christ.

(7)   Israel united again

(Ezek.37: 15, 19; Zech.10: 6)

Isa.11: 13

The tribe of Ephraim and Judah fought many times (Judges 8 and 12).

(8)   Full possession of promised land fulfilled

(Gen.15: 7, 18; 12:1; 13:14; Num.34: 1-12; Isa.60: 12; Ezek.47: 13-48:35)

Isa.11: 14

The millennium is the time when Messiah Jesus will put down all rule, power and authority, and finally death (1Cor.15: 24-28). The Jews, in the initial stage of the thousand years of peace, will through warfare retain full possession of their land so peace can truly be realized and the scriptures fulfilled.

(9)   Miraculous regathering of Israel

(Matt.24: 31; Isa.11: 11)

Isa.11: 15 -16

“The Lord shall utterly destroy the tongue of the Egyptian Sea;”

God shall dry up parts of the river Nile that flows into the Mediterranean Sea in 7 separate streams, just as He did the Red Sea, the Jordon River and also in the future, the Euphrates River, to make way for the children of Israel to return home.

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