wedding-oct-2015.jpgOur Sanctuary


Prayer Garden



​In addition to our large sanctuary which can seat 400, we have a smaller Chapel suited for those weddings that might enjoy a smaller or intimate setting.


​We are Revitalizing our Sanctuary during the months of October and November 2017.  We regret we can not host any weddings during those months.  December, in our newly Revitalized sanctuary, will make a beautiful wedding setting. 

NO fear we are not changing our beautiful stained glass windows or our Altar area.

Weddings at BUMC   wedding-circles.png

Marriage is a binding covenant of mutual love and loyalty.It is the most intimate relationship life offers.Bride and groom commit themselves to love each other as long as they live.

Belmont United Methodist Church is please you have chosen our church for your wedding.The following guidelines will help you prepare for your wedding day.

I am a Member of BUMC--Link Here
I am a Guest requesting use of Belmont United Methodist Church--Link Here

We encourage you to call the office to see how we can help you plan the wedding of your dreams.

Email Susan, our
Administrative Assistant
for additional details or questions--