Sanctuary Project 2017
For well over 100 years, the congregation we now call Belmont United Methodist Church has played an important role in the community of Belmont and beyond.
Through dynamic worship services, powerful Bible studies, and passionate outreach to the community, we continue to build on that legacy today. As we continue to boldly move into the future that God has for us, we are currently in the planning stages of a sanctuary project which will help make our church an attractive, welcoming place for years to come.
As part of this project the flooring in the sanctuary and adjacent areas with be replaced with fresh carpet and our current pews will be replaced with comfortable chairs. As part of this process, the sanctuary will undergo asbestos mitigation.
Please continue to be in prayer about how you support this project. In the coming weeks a commitment card will be available so you can pledge your support.

Five reasons for chairs:

1. More comfortable for everyone
2. Safer for those with physical challenges
3. Can be moved depending on seating needs
4. Flexibility allows for sanctuary to be used for multiple purposes
5. More attractive to our changing community


“One of the first things we did when we started in ministry was give our church building a loving ‘makeover.’  We saw the church as an extension of our home and wanted people to feel as comfortable as they would be sitting in their own living rooms.  This meant we ditched a lot of the more austere ‘religious’ furniture, replacing it with sofas, cushions, art and the like, softening the space and making it feel more welcoming…  We soon discovered that a more relaxed church environment helps people feel more relaxed.  Given the backgrounds of many of our people, this was really important… This was one place at least where they could be real…  Isn’t that what we all long for?”

- Deb Hirsch, cofounder of
Forge Mission Training Network

“The change to comfortable chairs in the sanctuary helped give us a multipurpose use in the sanctuary and we were enabled to reach more people. And the comfortable chairs did not take away from the beauty of the sanctuary, but only added to it.  Visitors who had previously been in our church were very positive about the change.  They said that the church looked even better.”

Curnell Graham former pastor at Gains UMC

"We took the pews out of the Miller Lane facility (former Beardshear UMC). We never regretted the decision. I'm all for chairs...they are much more comfortable and adaptable. If your attendance is going up, add a few chairs. If it's summer time and it's light, subtract a few. Use them in other spaces, use the sanctuary for a seminar with round tables, etc.

-Jon Ferguson, Pastor, Stillwater United Methodist Church

 “Our church had limited space and the pews were restrictive. We also wanted a space where all would feel welcome, both the newcomers and the current members.  We know that attracting and retaining new members meant that we needed a space that was comfortable. Today, many young people look for acceptance and comfort when they visit churches.”  

-Valarie Willis, a lay leader from Gains UMC in Cincinnati


 April-Salvage companies will be contacted to start planning for pew removal
May-Carpet vendor and mitigation specialists will be contacted to start planning for asbestos removal and carpet installation
June-Chairs will be ordered
Mid-October- Work begins. Pew removal will happen first, following by mitigation, new carpet installation, and arrival of chairs
Mid-November- Deadline for project completion. First services held in refurbished sanctuary.*
Various fundraisers will occur over the next several months through the fall.
Though this schedule is still flexible regarding exact dates and is therefore tentative, the deadline for the work is not. The grant we received to cover mitigation ($25,000) stipulates that the project must be completed this year. 

We plan to comply with that request and be done in time to be back in the sanctuary for the holidays, giving us our deadline of mid-November.

                          Artist rendering of sanctuary facing altar

                                        Looking out to congregation