BUMC Craft Center

Mason Jar Kleenex holder.  April 19, Thursday,  6:30 p.m. See the bulletin for the registration form or see someone in the office.  All crafting and conversational women are welcome.

We are currently working hard to get ready for our spring, May 13, Mother's Day, Craft Fair/Bake Sale.  If you craft, come join us.  If you bake, you are welcome to make something for the Fair.  If you craft at home, make something for the Craft Fair.  See Susan in the office if you would like to get more involved.


Our Craft Center is located in the basement of our church.  The Craft Center's mission is to provide an opportunity for women to share, to explore and learn different crafts, and, of course, Christian fellowship.  In addition, we by working together we are supporting the Missions of our church by growing in our Christian faith.  

Calendar of upcoming events is listed below but can also be found in the weeky bulletin, monthly calendar (which has a quick link on the home page), or by calling the office.

            If you want to craft, please see the bulletin to register so we can have adequate materials.
            If you want to come, talk and share in fellowship, show up, no registration necessary
            You don't have to be a member of the church to come and gather with us.