Mission Books


For Whose Sake I Have Lost All Things 
- A Families Story of Sacrifice

by Timothy gaines

What does it mean to surrender everything for the kingdom of God? Throughout their family's story, their call to ministry, and their missionary work with the Church of the Nazarene in West Africa, Mark and Linda Louw have been challenged to count their accomplishments, identities, and very lives as loss for the sake of Christ. As they tell their story of sacrifice, they invite their fellow Christians to share their renewed perspective on loss and gain in the kingdom of God.



- The Power of Persistent Prayer

by Robert & Frances Collins

As Christians, how do we respond when we're faced with adversity? Robert and Frances Collins were forced to ask this when the unthinkable happened on the mission field. In these pages, they tell their story of coming to grips with the dual realities of suffering and grace. As they recount how God used a tragedy to build their faith, their testimony is nothing short of a miracle. As you share in their story, you will gain a new understanding of the power of prayer and the faithfulness of God amid adversity.



Sons and Daughters of Bangladesh**

by Elaine Bumstead

Elaine Bumstead pulls back the curtain on the many ways Bangladeshi Christians are persecuted for their faith. She shares the stories of Bangladeshi children who must come to their own faith as they struggle to understand why their parents willingly suffer for the sake of Christ. Their testimonies paint a picture of unshakable hope. In these pages, you will find more than biographies—you will encounter the God who strengthens the weak and oppressed to become passionate champions of His kingdom.


To the Ends of the Earth 
- Growing the Global Church

by Richard Gammill

How far can the gospel spread in the face of social injustice? When the Holy Spirit works, obstacles become opportunities, and the Good News reaches far beyond any earthly barriers—to the ends of the earth. These Christians discovered just that in their miraculous journeys with God. Though each story is radically different, each demonstrates God's relentless love for the lost. In these unforgettable testimonies, you will glimpse how God grows His church through those who live out His Great Commission.



- Stories of the Persecuted Church in Africa

by Howie Shute

What does it mean to be persecuted for Christ? In these gripping accounts, you will come face-to-face with the unstoppable faith of the underground church in Africa. You will meet believers who came to faith through miracles, dreams, and visions. These individuals represent the church in countries that are hostile to or isolated from the Gospel. As you come to know your persecuted brothers and sisters, you will see how Christ builds His church, regardless of opposition.



The Unstoppable Church**
- Stories of Persecuted Christians Around the World

by Spencer Baggott, Andrew Bennett, Dolphy Biswas, Timothy R. Eby, Dave and Rosie Kerr, Sylvia Potter, and Fletcher L. Tink **

What do we mean by God's "unstoppable church"? Eight Nazarenes in several countries tell the story of God's relentless activity throughout the globe. They share the testimonies of Christians who have sacrificed their comfort and safety to fight government oppression, cultural barriers, and spiritual bondage—all to spread the Gospel in their communities. In these pages, you will see the power of Christ's unfailing love to break chains, free captives, and make disciples around the world.