Church family,

We had a wonderful Next Step class yesterday with eight adults in attendance. Thank you to Brian Free for going and getting our pizza for the class. Thank you to Kari Snyder for volunteering to watch the children. Kari taught Sunday School,then Children’s church, then watched kids for our Next Step class. I am so thankful for a wife who helps me in ministry. She truly models what serving looks like.

This coming Wednesday night at 7pm is our final study on Philippians. Thank you to all that have attended. Rana Davis has been working hard on our summer groups that begin at the start of June. I want to challenge us, whether it’s the men’s group, ladies group, a Sunday morning group, or Wednesday night group, plug into a group. Groups help you connect with individuals in a church and give us a place to support one another in prayer and accountability.

Just a reminder that we are collecting change at church for our well project in Africa. This week, be compiling change and bring it with you on Wednesday night or Sunday morning.

This coming Sunday we are having parent/child dedication at the beginning of the service. If you are interested in having your child dedicated please email me. It is always such a blessing to watch parents make a commitment to raise their child in the Lord. It is also a blessing for us as their congregation to affirm that we will do our best to support them as they raise their child.

VBS is just around the corner. If you are volunteering at VBS and have not already done so, I need you to send me your T-Shirt Size via email as soon as possible. I will be ordering shirts for VBS this week and want to make sure to have all the sizes of all the volunteers. Also, if you have not signed your child up for VBS be sure to go to the church Facebook page and register.

Emily Gehman and her fianceĢ, Zach, have invited the entire church to their wedding celebration on June 16th at 5:30pm in Atmore, AL. If you are planning to attend the wedding please RSVP as soon as possible to Emily Gehman at 251-253- 8809.

Take a look back at Acts 10 and Acts 11:1-18. These very important chapters of the Bible are when the barrier between Jews and Gentiles came down. We live in a world where we are surrounded by barriers and division, however, you and I as followers of Christ can make a difference! Remember, Jesus calls us to let go of judging and calling others unclean or impure. Remember, the same God that loves and died for you and I is the same God who died for those different than us. Lastly, remember that the love of Jesus spreads. Peter stood up and proclaimed that God had opened salvation to the Gentiles, and the crowd shifted from criticizing the Gentiles to praising God that He accepts them too. In a world that’sdivided deeply, I challenge us all to be like Peter. Remember, we can make apositive difference. Romans 12:21 says, “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”

Jacob Snyder