Church family,

The 2018 Nominating Committee met last week to nominate for the 2018/2019 Leadership Team. I want to thank the Nominating Committee for their hard work and prayer. The Holy Spirit moved amongst us as we prayed and read Scripture in the sanctuary. I have already called every person nominated and congratulated them on their nomination. Pray for those who were nominated as they pray this week and discern the Lord’s will!

I want to thank Rana Davis for all of her hard work over the last church year. Rana has worked tirelessly over the last year making sure our small groups are moving forward. Thank you for all your hard work to move our church forward to teach all people of all ages to Love, Live, and Serve like Christ.

Organic Outreach begins this week! I want to thank Hylyard Irvin and Leeana Davis for leading two groups for this study! We will all meet together in the sanctuary to discuss Chapter One. Just a reminder, READ CHAPTER ONE BY THIS WEDNESDAY NIGHT! Underline what stands out to you. We will meet in the sanctuary and then go to our break out groups.

Two of our babies here at Millbrook will be dedicated to the Lord on Sunday the 21st. If you would like for your child to be dedicated, please reach out to me. Baby/child dedication is a time where we celebrate our children being covered by the Lord’s grace. We make public commitments as parents to raise our children up in the Lord. It is also a time for our church family to commit to assist those parents in raising Godly children.

We have a small change on our calendar I want to make you aware of. Our church potluck is being moved to January 21st rather than January 28th. Mark your calendar for this church lunch on the 21st. I will be talking about church meals more over the next several weeks. We have a church meal each month in January, February, March, and April. There are two reasons for this. First, there is power in fellowship. The early church in Acts 2 broke bread together every single day! There is power in fellowship. Second, church meals are the best Sundays to invite visitors. Food unites people. Every person on planet earth needs food. People are more likely to respond to an invitation to church when it includes being invited to a free lunch. Be in prayer - who is someone that you think would accept an invitation to church that day on the 21st?

I want to thank Kari Snyder, Anna Moseley, and Brandy Moseley for their service in our church yesterday. All three of these women stepped up to serve due to others being out sick. THANK YOU to each of for modeling a servant attitude!

We kicked off 2018 - Transformed yesterday! Take a look back at Acts Chapter 1. Jesus has an incredible plan for every single one of us. His plan is first to forgive us our sins and bring us into His family. When that happens, His plan for our life then becomes taking part in HIS plan to transform the world. Don’t believe the lies of Satan that God doesn’t have a plan for you. Proclaim out loud in Jesus’ name that you fully trust and hope in Jesus Christ and His plan for you. Remember, fully submitted followers are fully in God’s plan. One small area of unsubmission can keep us from being fully engaged in His incredible plan. As we move on into the new year, ask the Lord - “Show me areas where I am unsubmitted. I want to be completely in Your plan.”

In Christ, Jacob Snyder