Once Weekly Dinner Table Devotions


Definition: Reconciliation- “To restore harmony between people, to bring back friendly relations.”

Discussion Questions:

-Has there ever been a time when you and a friend (co-worker, schoolmate, family member) have been “at odds” with each other?

-What did it take “to restore harmony”?                                                       

-When you hear the word “harmony” what do you picture? Is this similar to or different from unity?

-In what ways is God involved in bringing harmony to people’s relationships?

-Are there any relationships you need harmony restored in? Is there anyone you need reconciliation with?             

Scripture: Colossians 3:12-15

Discussion Questions:

-What do you hear about reconciliation in this verse?

-How is harmony the same as reconciliation? How does this verse talk about harmony?

-What does God want from us as Christians in regards to harmony/reconciliation with others? What does this verse say about that?

-This verse gives ideas for reconciliation, what are they? Let’s discuss them.

-This verse talks about forgiving others as Christ forgave us. One of the greatest ways to be reconciled is to forgive. The verse says we should forgive as Christ forgave us. How has Christ forgiven you? What has he forgiven you for? Think about the depths of his forgiveness for you. How can you forgive those you need to be reconciled too now that you have thought of this?

Prayer: God of Reconciliation, open our eyes to where harmony needs to be restored in our relationships this week. Show us how you want to bring reconciliation and give us the wisdom to see how to restore that harmony. Bring us to your table of reconciliation and help us to welcome others to your table as well! Amen.