Once Weekly Dinner Table Devotions


Definition: Restoration- “To replace, to renew or revive, to return; the act of returning something to a former owner, place, or condition.”

Discussion Questions:

-Where did you see restoration at work in the world this week?

-Did you see God’s restoration at work in the world this week? In what ways?              

-What do you think it would mean for God to “restore” others? How would he do this?

-What do you picture when you think of God using us to restore others?

-In what ways does God use us to restore others?                                      

Scripture: Isaiah 58:12

Discussion Questions:

-What do you picture when you hear this verse?

-How do you see God using “us” to “restore” in this verse?

-Does this empower you? Make you feel overwhelmed? Impassioned? Burdened? Why?

-What are some tangible ways that we can be raise up age-old foundations, restore street dwellings and be repairers of broken walls in the lives of others?

Prayer: Restorer, thank you for restoring us and making us new. May we be impassioned and emboldened to live in a way that restores other people and makes them new in You.  May the lives we lead bring them to your table to be restored, renewed, and raised up to sit with you in redemption, reconciliation, and restoration forevermore! Amen.    

Bonus: Share one thing God has shown, taught, given, or done in you during the @ the table series.