Once Weekly Dinner Table Devotions



Definition: Restoration- “To replace, to renew or revive, to return; the act of returning something to a former owner, place, or condition.”

Discussion Questions:

-When you hear the word “restore” what do you think?

-Have you ever “restored” something? Tell us about it? What was the process? How did it feel when you were done?             

-What do you think it would mean for God to “restore” us?

-Is there a way you need to be “restored” in your relationship with God?

-In what ways can God restore you or others?                                            

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5:17

Discussion Questions:

-What do you hear about restoration in this verse?

-Think about the story of creation and God making man (humanity) for relationship with him; now think about the verse with the idea of “restoration”. What do you hear about restoration in this verse?

-In what ways does God desire to restore us as humanity?

-Is restoration just for “non-Christians”? Are there ways that God can restore Christians in their relationships with him too? Describe these ways.  

Prayer: Restorer, thank you for restoring us by making us a new creation in you again. Thank you for welcoming us to your table of restoration by your death on the cross and your resurrection. Today, may you remind us that we are always in need of being made into your new creation and being restored in our relationship with you! Amen.