Once Weekly Dinner Table Devotions


Definition: Reconciliation- “To restore harmony between people, to bring back friendly relations.”

Discussion Questions:

-When you hear “reconciliation” what comes to your mind?

-What do you think of when you hear “to restore harmony”?                      

-Can you picture God restoring harmony to someone or something?

-When you picture God restoring something, what do you picture?           

-Do you see yourself in that picture?

-Can you picture God restoring harmony to your relationship with him?

Scripture: Ephesians 2:12-13

Discussion Questions:

-What do you think the verse means when it says we were far away, foreigners, excluded from the covenant promise.

-This verse is talking about us, as “gentiles”, not being a part of God’s chosen nation. We were not in harmony with God. Has there ever been a time in your relationship with God when you have not been in “harmony” with him?

-How does this scripture talk about reconciliation? In what ways did reconciliation take place?

-Have there been time when you have not been in harmony with Christ either by being “far away from his will”, not living in “his covenant promise” or being a “foreigner to him” by living in sin and without a relationship to him? How did God reconcile you in that situation? Are you in need of reconciliation now?

-According to this verse, how does God offer us reconciliation now?

Prayer: Reconciliation, Thank you for bringing us near to you when we were far away. Thank you for reconciling our relationship to you so that we can sit in fellowship at your table. May we honor that by being in fellowship with you at your table. Amen.