Once Weekly Dinner Table Devotions


Definition: Redemption- “To buy back, repurchase, to rescue (often from sin) with a ransom” or “The act of saving or being saved from sin…the act of gaining or regaining possession of something in exchange of payment, or clearing a debt.”

Discussion Questions

-Can you think of a time when you have owed someone something?

-How would it have felt if someone else had paid that debt or if that person would have forgiven you for that debt?

-Can you think of any sins that God has had to pay your debt for?

-Has God ever rescued or saved you from something?

Scripture: Romans 3:23-24

Discussion Questions:

-What do you think the verse means when it says “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”?

-If we all fall short, what hope is there?

-How do we receive God’s grace?

-Do you think even good people need to be redeemed?

-In what ways do you need to be redeemed by God, even if you are already saved?

Prayer: Jesus Christ, you are our one true Redeemer. You have paid our debt and bought us with a price. We do fall short of your glory often Lord, but we are reminded that it is only through you that we find grace and are redeemed. Redeem us today, save us, and make us whole and new! Amen.