Old Cheney Alliance Church


While the Christian and Missionary Alliance had sustained a small presence in south Lincoln since the 1930's, it wasn't until 1986, under the Rev. Jim Warren, that the church was first called Old Cheney Alliance Church. At that time, the church met in a small stone house on Old Cheney Road.  In 1988, while under leadership of a new pastor, Rev. Jim Carmen, God provided the church with the opportunity to purchase a large piece of property adjacent to the stone house for $1.

Rev. Merrill Bakk and his wife Julie came to OCAC in 1991.  They began a new building project which would last the next four years.  In 1995, the building which now stands on 53rd & Old Cheney was opened - a project completed through God's blessings and many, many helping hands.  Said Rev. Bakk at that time, "The building itself will not sustain growth.  We'll have to reach out into the community . . . We must focus on outreach, and on building the body."  This is a vision which OCAC has carried to this day.

(From the article "The Church That Wouldn't Die" by Janet Wismer, Alliance Life Magazine, Sept. 25, 1996)