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8/20/17 The Teacher and The Student - Pastor Larry (Audio File
8/13/17 He Came to Himself - A Prodigals Story - Pastor Kelly / Josh Carr (Audio File)
8/6/17 Preparing old Bones for New Battles #5 - Pastor Larry (Audio Not Available)
7/30/17 Preparing old Bones for New Battles #4 - Pastor Larry (Audio Not Available)
7/9/17 Preparing old Bones for New Battles #3 - Pastor Larry (Audio File)
7/2/17 Preparing old Bones for New Battles #2 - Pastor Larry (Audio Not Available)
6/25/17 Preparing old Bones for New Battles #1 - Pastor Larry (Audio File)
6/18/17 Fathers Day - Pastor Rodney (Audio File
6/11/17 Memory Lane #3 - Pastor Larry (Audio File
6/4/17 Memory Lane #2 - Pastor Larry (Audio File
5/28/17 Memory Lane #1 - Pastor Larry (Audio File)
5/21/17 The Day God Was Amazed - Pastor Larry (Audio File
5/14/17 Mothers Day - Pastor Larry (Audio File) 
5/7/17 Tying the Hands of God - Pastor Larry (Audio File
4/30/17 A Gospel for All - Pastor Rodney (Audio File
4/23/17 A Faith That Works - Pastor Kelly (Audio File)  
4/16/17 Resurrection  Connection - Pastor Larry (Audio File
4/9/17 Palm Sunday - Pastor Larry (Audio File)
3/26/17 Here or There #9 - Pastor Larry (Audio File
3/19/17 Here or There #8 - Pastor Larry (Audio File
3/12/17 Here or There #7 - Pastor Larry (Audio File
3/5/17 Here or There #6 - Pastor Larry (Audio File
2/26/17 Here or There #5 - Pastor Larry (Audio File)
2/19/17 Here or There #4 - Pastor Larry (Audio File
2/12/17 Here or There #3 - Pastor Larry (Audio File)
1/15/17 Here or There # 2 - Pastor Larry (Audio Not Available) 
1/1/17 Here & There # 1 - Pastor Larry (Audio Not Available) 
12/25/16 Christmas Day Worship Celebration - Pastor Kelly & Lisa (Audio File)  
12/18/16 Christmas Backmasking 2 - Pastor Larry (Audio File
12/11/16 Christmas Backmasking - Pastor Larry (Audio File
11/27/16 The God of Hope - Pastor Kelly (Audio File
11/20/16 Being Church Better #7 - Pastor Larry (Audio File
11/13/16 Being Church Better #6 - Pastor Larry (Audio File
11/6/16 Being Church Better #5 - Pastor Larry (Audio Not Available) 
10/30/16 Being Church Better #4 - Pastor Larry (Audio File
10/23/16 Being Church Better #3 - Pastor Larry (Audio Not Available) 
10/16/16 Being Church Better #2 - Pastor Larry (Audio File
10/9/16 Being Church Better #1 - Pastor Larry (Audio File
10/5/16 Revival Day 4 Rev. George Holley (Audio File)  
10/4/16 Revival Day 3 Rev. George Holley (Audio File)  
10/3/16 Revival Day 2 Rev. George Holley (Audio File)  
10/2/16 Revival Sun PM Rev. George Holley (Audio File)  
10/2/16 Revival Day 1 Rev. George Holley (Audio File)  
9/25/16 Revival is all about spititual selfies - Pastor Larry (Audio File
9/18/16 Revival Attitude - Pastor Kelly (Audio File
9/11/16 Big, Big God - Pastor Wendel (Audio File
9/4/16 The Sea & Me #9 - Pastor Larry (Audio File
8/28/16 The Sea & Me #8 - Pastor Larry (Audio File
8/21/16 The Sea & Me #7 - Pastor Larry (Audio File
8/14/16 The Sea & Me #6 - Pastor Larry (Audio File
8/7/16 The Sea & Me # 5 - Pastor Larry (Audio File
7/31/16 The Sea & Me #4 - Pastor Larry (Audio File)
7/24/16 The Sea & Me #3 - Pastor Larry (Audio file
7/17/16 The Sea & Me #2 - Pastor Larry (Audio File)
7/10/16 The Sea & Me #1 - Pastor Larry (Audio File
7/3/16 Raise Your Flag of Faith - Pastor Kelly (Audio File
6/26/16 VBS Kickoff Celebration 
6/19/16 Duct Tape Lessons for Dad - Pastor Kelly (Audio File)
6/12/16 Take Away Grace - Pastor Larry (Audio File
6/6/16 Pastor Wendel (Audio File
5/29/16 Can you handle the truth - Pastor Kelly (Audio File) 
5/22/16 Remember better than Elijah - Pastor Kelly (Audio File
5/15/16 Save The Scraps - Pastor Larry (Audio File
5/8/16 Consider the Crumbs - Pastor Larry (Audio File
5/1/16 Pastor Larry (Audio File
4/24/16 Pastor Larry (No Audio Available)
4/17/16 Jesus, The Storm Stopper - Pastor Larry (Audio File
4/10/16 Ministry Fair Sunday - Pastor Kelly (Audio File
4/3/16 Ladies from Hannah's Haven (Audio File
3/27/16 The Third Day - Pastor Kelly (Audio File)
3/20/16 The God of The Empty Cross (Audio file
3/13/16 Going Old School - Jereme Pope (Audio File
3/6/16 Why are you here - Pastor Wendel (Audio File
2/21/16 Trust Lessons - We get fooled into believing that bigger is better (Audio File) Pastor Kelly 
1/3/16 Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes (Audio File) Pastor Kelly 
11/8/15 God's Speed Bumps - Pastor Wendel (Audio file
9-27-15 God of the Second Chance (Audio File
9-20-15 The A.C.T.S. of Prayer (Audio File) Pastor Kelly
9-13-15 Claim The Name #5 When was the last time God surprised you? (Audio file
9-6-15 Claim The Name #4 How do we respond when the work of God is altered by the Power of God? (Audio file
8-30-15 Claim The Name #3 You will find help when your hurts are healed in the Name of Jesus (Audio File)
8/23/15 Claim The Name #2 Heaven gets happy when souls get saved (Audio File
8/16/15 Claim the Name #1 The name of Jesus either has or will influence your life (Audio file
8/9/15 Missions Sunday (Audio File) Pastor Wendel
8/2/15 Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people? (Audio File) Pastor Kelly 
7/26/15 Hell Sale #3 Have I confused MY way as HIS way? (Audio File
7/19/15 Hell Sale #2 Sin is a struggle between desire and devotion (Audio file)
7/12/15 Hell Sale #1 You know the church is the church when hell is not winning. (Audio file)
6/28/15 Time to Re-Invent #5 (Audio file) Pastor Kelly 
6/21/15 Time to Re-Invent #4 (Audio File) 
6/14/15 Time to Re-Invent #3 (Audio File)
6/7/15 Time to Re-Invent #2 (Audio File)
5/31/15 Time to Re-Invent #1 So What is it that God has in mind for you? (Audio file
5/24/15 Message by Jereme Pope (Audio file
5/3/15 Beyond The Resurrection  (Audio File
4/12/15 Trademarks of a Christ Follower... Knowing, Growing, Showing (Audio File)
4/5/15 Speak Up #3 The Victory of Easter (Audio File
3/15/15 Home run Life #5 You'll never know God's agenda until you die to yourself. (Audio File
3/8/15 Jereme Pope (Audio File
2/15/15 Home Run Life #3 Leaning how to love people and use stuff (Audio File)
2/8/15 Home Run Life #2 Connection, Purpose and Power (Audio file
2/1/15 Home Run Life #1 Moving from independent to dependent  
1/25/15 One Team One Dream #4 Embracing our common Mission (Audio File)
1/18/15 One Team One Dream #3 Athlete Attitude (Audio file
1/11/15 One Team One Dream #2 Moving from spectator to participator (Audio File
1/4/15 One Team One Dream #1 Train and Own It (Audi File)

12/28/14 Celebrate the soul Sunday (Audio File
12/21/14 A Season ForGiving #4 What is Christmas was more about giving grace than giving gifts? (Audio File)
12/14/14 A Season for Giving #3 The Shepherds gave Time (Audio File)
12/7/14 A Season for Giving #2 Elizabeth showed patience (Audio File)
11/30/14 A Season for Giving #1 Mary gave herself, Joseph gave grace (Audio File
11/16/14 The Sacrificial Journey #3 Do not allow today’s desires to cause you to miss out on tomorrow’s dreams. (Audio File)
11/9/14 The Sacrificial Journey #2 How much is your gain costing you? (Audio file)
11/2/14 The Sacrificial Journey #1 Maturity delays current pleasure for future treasure (Audio File)
10/26/14 Project Presentation Sunday  (Audio File)
10/12/14 How quickly God moves is often determined by how boldly we move. (Audio File)
Do you serve a “has done” God or a “will do” God? (Audio File)
9/24/14 Fall Revival #5 Wed. Service - B
rother George Holley (Audio file)   
9/23/14 Fall Revival #4 Tues. Service - Brother George Holley (Audio file)   
9/22/14 Fall Revival #3 Mon. Service - Brother George Holley (Audio file)   
9/21/14 Fall Revival #2 PM Service - Brother George Holley (Audio file)   
9/21/14 Fall Revival #1 AM Service - Brother George Holley (Audio file)  
9/14/14 Revival Mentality #2 Revival comes by doing what I know. (Audio File)
9/7/14 Revival Mentality #1 - Revival mentality has people looking within. (Audio File)
8/31/14 Miracle Movement #2 - The only way to conquer fear is to cultivate courage. (Audio File)
8/24/14 Dr. Bob Etner TLC Ministries (Audio File)
8-17-14 Miracle Movement - God's miracle movements begin with an invitation to participate (Audio File)
8/10/14 But-Heads #3 Stop looking at what is around you instead of Who is above you. (Audio File
8/3/14 In The Face of Opposition - (Audio File)
7/27/14 But-Heads #2 I don't want to be a But-Head! (Audio File)
But-Heads #1 - But-heads who swayed the people to turn back rather than move forward (Audio File)
7/13/14 Fan or Fanatic? Learning from a sports fan! Acts 26 (Audio File)
7/6/14 Weird Animal VBS Jereme Pope - (Audio File)
6/29/14 REAL Freedom.. R U Satisfied? Pastor Kelly - There is incredible hope found in the promise that Jesus can set people FREE! (Audio File)
6/22/14 Welcome to Larryland #5 - What do you do when your mind misbehaves? (Audio File)
6/15/14 Welcome to Larryland #4You have not achieved the level of being good until you have put into practice the element of doing good. (Audio File)
6/8/14 Welcome To Larryland #3 - When transformation takes place at soul level, you can anticipate reformation. (Audio File)
6/1/14 Welcome To Larryland #2 - Do the things I carry in my heart reflect my love for God? (Audio File)
5/18/14 Welcome To Larryland #1 - We cannot afford to know truth without showing truth. (Audio File)
5/11/14 Operation Identity - Jesus didn't die for our past, He died for us. (Audio File)
5/4/14 Kiss Evangelism Goodbye - The church is a movement not a gathering. (Audio File)
4/27/14 Body Art - We are the body of Christ (Audio File)
4/20/14 Easter Sunday 2014 - The Gospel is not the end, but the beginning. (Audio File)
4/13/14 Beyond the box #9 - Every great movement begins with that one great moment (Audio File)
4/6/14 Beyond the Box #8 - Goliath measured Face value rather than Faith value (Audio File)
3/31/14 Beyond The Box #7 - The voice is the choice. Who I choose to listen to determines how I live my life. (Audio File)
3/23/14 The Perspective of a Fish - Pastor Wendel - When we live life to the full, God is worshipped. (Audio File)
3/16/14 Beyond the Box #6 - Why settle when you can soar. (Audio File)
3/9/14 No Service
3/2/14 Beyond the Box #5 - Sometime my pain is the price for someone else's gain.(Audio File)
2/23/14 Beyond the Box #4 - People who are not evolving forward are devolving backward
2/16/14 Beyond the Box #3 - God's will coupled with my willingness is formula for victory. (Audio file)
2/9/14 Beyond the Box #2 - Who gets permission to pour into your life? (Audio File)
2/2/14 Beyond the Box #1 - If you've never been beyond the box then all you know is cardboard. (Audio File)
1/19/14 The Shepherd's Study #3 - Sheep Sense - The Path I choose will reflect the One I love. (Audio File)
1/12/14 The Shepherd's Study #2 - Each of us are both influencers and influencees!
1/5/14 The Shepherd's Study #1 - Trust is critical in achieving the ultimate God appointed goal. 
11/17/13 The Generosity Ladder #3 - Give Generously
11/10/13 The Generosity Ladder #2 -
Give proportionately
11/3/13 The Generosity Ladder #1 - God's chief competitor for your soul is not Satan, but your STUFF!
10/20/13 The Tale of Three Tables - Opportunity, Reconciliation, Redemption - "Will you Buy in or Bow out?"
10/6/13 The Matthew Movement - Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.
9/29/13 Finishing Well #3 - Confidence that is connected to God is a miracle just waiting to be revealed
9-22-13 Finishing Well #2 - The longer Paul walked with Jesus, the closer he listened
9/15/13 Finishing Well #1 - Sin has a dual nature > SLOW us down - KNOCK us down!
9/8/13 Timeless Truth #5 - I don't get to go to heaven because I say so, but because He says so. 
8/25/13 Timeless Truth #3 - How much sinning can a Christ follower do?
8/18/13 Timeless Truths #2 - When it comes to being lost... either you are or you were!
8/11/13 Timeless Truths #1 -
Christian truths that are timeless in nature. The Gospel of Jesus Christ 
6-16-13 The Other Side of the Mountain #10 - Mountain Man - What is it you want your children to remember most about you?
6-9-13 The Other Side of the Mountain #9 - Mt. Construction - You and I cannot alter the forecast of our lives, but we can alter the outcome.
6-2-13 The Other Side of the Mountain #8 - Obstacle Mtn. - What if . . . the problem that lies before you is actually the problem that lies within you?

5/26/13 The Other Side of the Mountain #7 - Grace Mtn. - Walk away from your bondage and enter into His glorious freedom.
5/19/13 The Other Side of the Mountain #6 - Temptation Mtn. - You can either be what you see or see what you can become.
5/12/13 The Other Side of the Mountain #5 - Mommy Mtn. - On Mommy Mtn. ... The adventure never ends!

5/5-13 The Other Side of the Mountain #4 - Skull Hill - Because of Mt. Calvary, people are able to stop going to Hell and start going to Heaven!
4/28/13 The Other Side of the Mountain #3 - Desperation Mtn. - Before we get what we want, we have to find Who we need.
4/21/13 The Other Side of the Mountain #2 - Mt. Stuck - Past experience can hold you hostage to future experience.
4/14/13 The Other Side of the Mountain #1 - Is your god more like you or are you more like your God?
3/31/13 Dean Man Talking (Easter Sunday) - Our death doesn't make atonement for our past but His resurrection does!

3/24/13 The Church Under Construction #8 - Vertical love for God is revealed through horizontal love for others. Do you agree?
3/17/13 The Church Under Construction #7 - Why do you think Jesus fed more than He saved.

3/3/13 The Church Under Construction #5 - Is it possible that the true struggle in worship is inside of me? 
2/24/13 The Church Under Construction #3 & #4 - Do you remember when your faith sizzled instead of fizzled?
2/17/13 The Church Under Construction #2 - When you rely on God, you get what God can do! Gift Based Ministry
2/3/13 The Church Under Construction #1 - As a church, are we being who we are called to be? Empowering Leadership!

1/20/13 Unshackled #3 The Simplicity of Life
1/13/13 Unshackled #2
1/6/13 Unshackled
12/23/12 Reset Revival #10 Christmas - A Season of Reset  Part 2
12/16/12 Reset Revival #9 Christmas - A Season of Reset 
12/9/12 Reset Revival - #8 Reset Your Dreams
11/25/12 Isaiah Pastor Wendel
11/18/12 Reset Revival #7 Rest The Table
11/11/12 Reset Revival #6 Reset Your Confidence
11/4/12 Reset Revival #5 Reset Your Strength
10/28/12 Reset Revival #4 Reset Your Relationships
10/21/12 Reset Revival #3 Reset Your Failures
10/13/12 Reset Revival #2 Reset His Glory
10/7/12 Reset Revival #1 Holy Discontentment
9/30/12 The Making of a Miracle #4 Think Long
9/23/12 The Making of a Miracle #3 Pray Hard 
9/16/12 The Making of a Miracle #2 Dream BIG!
9/9/12 The Making of a Miracle
9/2/12 Why Pray For The 3000?

8-26-12 The Followers Code - #3000 Representing our relationship with The Community
8-19-12 The Followers Code - #120 Representing our relationship with The Church
8-5-12 The Followers Code - #12 Representing our relationship with Friends
7-29-12 The Followers Code - # 3 Representing our relationship with Trusted Advisors.
7-22-12 The Followers Code - # 1 Representing our relationship with our God.
7-15-12  The Followers Pledge of Baptism