Community Out Reach Opportunity

            Please see the list of urgent needs at Northeast High School.

            If you’d like to make a difference in a life…call or email

            Wendel McDowell “asap” at (office-656-7206) (cell-402-2413)


             Mentors needed

            Description: Contact student(s) weekly to make sure they are staying on top of their school work.

            Possibly eat lunch with the student(s). There are 30 or so students who could use this attention.       

            Math Tutoring needed

            Description: Sit with students in class to help them with their work.             

            Computer lab assistants

            Description: Sit with students to help them stay focused on their work. Labs are usually between 4-5:30pm. 

            Proctors needed

            Description: June 9-13 Up to 10 proctors a day. Proctor will monitor class during testing

            to make sure students stay on task and get them anything they may need.