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12-10-17 msg not recorded      
11-26-17 4 Ways to Thank God at Thanksgiving     12-03-17 msg not recorded
11-12-17 Tangible, Material Actions     11-19-17 Tangible, Material Actions pt 2
10-29-17 God Provides: Lifted Up     11-05-17 Saying YES to God
10-15-17 God Provides: Mine or His? pt 2     10-22-17 God Provides: My Heart Decisions Impact Eternity
10-01-17 Concert of Prayer (24 hr prayer event)     10-08-17 God Provides: Mine or His?
09-17-17 God Provides: God's Design for Hop     09-24-17 God Provides: Making Major Life Choices
09-03-17 Haggai: Our God Reigns     09-10-17 God Provides: What Do You Have
08-20-17 Haggai's Third Message     08-27-17 Testimony to a Legacy
08-06-17 Haggai: I Will Not Be Shaken pt 2     08-13-17 Haggai: The Higher Calling
07-23-17 Haggai: First Things First pt 2     07-30-17 Haggai: I Will Not Be Shaken
07-09-17 Soil of the Heart (msg not recorded)     07-16-17 Haggai: First Things FIrst