HTM Productions
Heavenly Trumpet Ministries is now more actively involved in producing its own music. In 2004, earned a second degree in Music Production. Since then, he has offered HTM Productions to the public for recording, mixing, mastering and small-quantity CD-duplication.

Fees and Scheduling
Fees for recording, mixing, mastering, and/or duplication depend on individual projects and are subject to negotiation. Projects are completed in a timely manner.

Client Projects
 The Berlin Suite
    Mark and Jackie Lord
    Trumpet and Piano (
Click here for sample!)

 Ad Majorem Dei Gloriem
    Christine Jones
    Gospel Vocal Album


HTM Productions
P.O. Box 33721
San Diego, CA 92163
(619) 688-0952 (office)
(775) 772-4747 (mobile)
(619) 688-0972 (fax)