I woke up the other day with the word realignment on my heart. Realignment means to put back into order or alignment; to cause to form new arrangements;to have new orientation. It also means to align again; especially to reorganize; to put something into a new or correct position. That last one really speaks to me. In this season of new beginnings the Lord is moving some things around. If you are experiencing some change then you are probably on the right track. I also heard the word recalibration. To recalibrate something means to make small changes to an instrument so that it measures correctly; to change the way you do or think about something. So, if you have been realigned already but you feel like there are still some small changes being made.... don't worry. The Lord is recalibrating you so that you will be His instrument most effectively. We are in a time of adjustment as we exit one season and enter the new one. Some of the adjustments may be large, some are small but whatever the size they all serve the purpose of aligning us where we are supposed to be. That's a great thing!! We are truly being positioned to fulfill the things the Lord has in store for us! I also heard that for some the Lord is opening doors you thought were closed. Some will see doors open and it will be a surprise. It is truly a time of alignment for breakthough! Keep pressing forward and praise!

Written By: Amber Davis