By: Roberta Gruber

Last Sunday morning I heard these words, “There is no in-between that You don’t fill.” It was encouraging to me because as many of you know by now I am still in the midst of a transition of moving from Iowa to Alabama. I have lived in Alabama previously, but never here in the Anniston/Oxford area. 

When transition happens everything changes, it could be moving, starting a new job, starting school, or a number of other things. Oftentimes, these in-between stages of life are times of refinement and can lead to major transformation.

For me personally, the in-between has been a rollercoaster at times, some days it’s a steady climb; but other days it’s an exhilarating movement that is going so fast I feel out of control. However, in every single moment, whether I am up high where I can see what is happening or under a tunnel where I’m in the dark; I remind my heart to simply be still and know that He is God. 

When I remind myself of this truth it brings everything back into perspective. 

At times I can get caught up in the questions of what the future looks like or become discouraged that I’m not doing things that are in my heart to do… Then, gently Papa God reminds me,

“I Am in the details.” 

Wow. When I think about the fact that the God of the universe cares about the details of my life and the details of your life I am blown away. His deep love for us goes beyond creating us and giving us breath and stretches into the to-do lists, conversations, and desires in our hearts. 

The detail work is God’s favorite because it is encompassed by His intricate love! He cares so much for each member of humanity, He knows you by name. He desires to not only be involved in the details but for you to realize that He is there. 

Jesus is with you right now, whether you acknowledge Him or not is up to you.

I choose to acknowledge Him in every area of my life, including the in-between. Today, look around you, what details do you desire for God to be involved in? Now look again, where is He? 

If you can’t see His fingerprints, ask Him to show you. 
If you don’t have relationship with Him, He is inviting you into one today. 

I encourage you to read Psalm 121 and Psalm 139 to remember that God is concerned for you and is drawing you in closer to His heart.