Parking Lot - Expansion Sub Committee

Notes from November 19, 2014 Meeting

In attendance: Jamie Graves, Mike Ferguson, Don Hiatt, Gaylen Heaberlin and guest Bob Johnston present.

1.  Location of Septic Laterals was again discussed. Different thoughts on how to locate were discussed. We all are confident that we will located them.

2.  Replacement and relocation of the power pole seems to be necessary due to the deterioration of the pole and getting it out of the way of desired parking spaces. It looks like we could move the pole only a few feet to the south and it would still accommodate the spot light that shines on the steeple cross.

3.  It was discussed that the expansion of the parking lot could be done in a couple of phases. Such as adding 10 to 13 spaces right about where the big evergreens are now and maybe adding more spaces on the East side of the Church later.

4.  Removal of the big old evergreens will be necessary. This could be a plus due to the fact that those evergreens shade the existing parking lot and either slows or stops the melting of snow and ice that has accumulated on the lot in the winter time.

5.  Bob recommends asphalt for the additional parking lot, due to cost and the fact that Ice Melt (salt) does not harm it as it does concrete. Also asphalt melts off faster.

6.  Bob will shoot elevations to determine how much fill dirt will be needed.

7.  It was agreed that the traffic flow should come into and through the existing parking lot as it does now and then move around to the additional spaces on the south side of the existing lot. Traffic can then exit out at the same point of entry. This will allow everyone an opportunity to see if first a space is available near the church and if not they can move on around to the added spaces.