Sanctuary - Expansion Sub Committee

Notes from January 21, 2015 Meeting

In attendance were: Bruce Atherton, Carol Graves, Whitney Warner, Brandi Jackson, and Gaylen Heaberlin.

At this meeting the committee addressed three main issues.

Quiet or Cry Room
Whitney stated that someone had expressed interested in having a quiet room in the sanctuary and interest was also expressed during the church committee meetings in having one. There was some discussion of whether to place it at the east or west side of the sanctuary, one thought being that it might be less disruptive to have it on the west side near the entrance doors. We discussed the pros and cons, and concluded that a quite room could be added later.

Sanctuary entrance
We discussed whether to have a wall with doors extending straight from the existing west wall, or angle it to the northwest. Some felt that an angled door might serve to direct traffic or vision away from the sanctuary and perhaps lessen congestion prior to church. A straight wall may result in less wasted space. We concluded that an angled wall is our preference.

Transition from old Narthex to Sactuary
The committee’s preference is to make the sanctuary extension (old Narthex) look as much like the current sanctuary as practical. Ideally, we would remove the existing roof over the Narthex and construct a new roof and ceiling to match the existing sanctuary. If this is not practical, the second best option would be to leave the existing roof in place, remove the existing ceiling and replace it with a sloped “cathedral” ceiling for a transition to the ceiling in the existing sanctuary. A window along the east wall could be installed to match the windows in the current sanctuary. These options would have to be examined in detail by the architect.

The meeting ended around 8:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted by Bruce Atherton