Sanctuary - Expansion Sub Committee

Notes from December 1, 2014 Meeting

In attendance: Bruce Atherton, Carol Graves, Whitney Warner, Brandi Jackson, Torie Hermann and Gaylen Heaberlin.

1. Discussed posts being added as support when windows, doors and walls were removed.
2. Quiet Room?  Should we have it or not?  We will be speaking with other members of the congregation to get a better idea of what is wanted.
3. We would like this NOT to look like an addition, but a continuation of our existing sanctuary.
4. The existing sanctuary will also need a facelift: new paint, wallpaper (new or retouching what is currently there), carpet, pews, wainscoting. (To match new space.)
5. In the current narthex (the soon to be addition of the sanctuary) we would like to remove the drop ceiling and make it more uniform with the other part. A question on the access door to the attic was brought up. We will be speaking with Bob about that in future meetings.
6. We need to find a new space for “stuff” that is currently being stored behind the sanctuary by the front doors. Make it a possible place for choir robes, music, etc. and not just “stuff”!
7. A rough estimate of an additional 10 pews could be put in the new sanctuary space giving us approximately 50 more spaces for people. (this does not figure in a quiet space)
8. A lot of this work can be done by volunteers in the church.
9. Constructing a balcony above the narthex, although access might be a problem.
10. Potentially building a new sanctuary and using the existing sanctuary for the fellowship hall.
11. Creating more space up front to ease the congestion during communion. of course, that would impact the total number of new seats we will have by expanding into the narthex.
12. Our main concern is to make both spaces tie together and look uniform rather than it looking like 2 separate spaces.
13. Our next meeting will be December 10 at 7 p.m. (with several other sub-committees).

Scribe - Torie Hermann