Kitchen - Expansion Sub Committee

Notes from November 5, 2014 Meeting

Mary Ferguson was chosen chairman.

In attendance: Mary Ferguson, Marcy Campbelll, Nancy Day, Janice Williams, LeeAnn Martin, Doris Heaberlin, & Judy Weeks.

1. We need sheet rock ceilings with two fans and can lights.

2. Two windows because we won't have a back door to open.

3. We need dedicated electric plug ins. No two on the same circuit.

4. We need to check into cost of hot water on demand. No need to heat water 7 days a week when you only use it one or two days a week. We run out of hot water on some days.

5. Check into feasibility of a dish washer.

6. Two deep sinks. One regular sink to be used to fill water pitchers etc. Needs may be different if we get a dishwasher.

7. Two commercial gas stoves with at least 5 burners each.

8. Microwave needs to be up off counter.

9. Oak cabinets with bulkhead.

10. Light colored granite look formica counters.

11. Floor? ceramic tile. We need to check into best product for a busy kitchen.

12. Double door refrigerator and separate freezer.

13. See if we can put cupboard with plates and silverware outside East of East kitchen door. 49" X 25 1/2"

Mary and Nancy will check on stoves, refrigerator, counter and floor tile choices.

Nancy , secretary