Fellowship Hall - Expansion Sub Committee

Notes from November 12, 2014 Meeting

Floors - consensus of group that carpet squares would be best for the 32x56 ft. Bob responded that they are fantastic for spot cleaning/spills/accidents.  Helen and Saundra provided samples of carpet squares and vinyls from Louie’s Flooring (use their own people for installs unlike Home Depot .   Smith Flooring was recommended by Bob also.

Bob suggested a fireside setting for Pastor meetings/warm settings for intimate conversation at the end of the proposed fellowship hall expansion area.  He showed us a picture of one.

Ceiling – Previous meeting “wished for” sheet rock ceiling rather than tiles.  Bob suggested 2x2  drop down tiles .

Recessed Lighting -  still interested in that,  Bob suggested looking at his office as they have them

Tables – need 6 more Monroe Table (distributor in Colfax).  Discussion followed with tape measure and moving of tables to determine if a larger fellowship area would be better.   Consenus followed that the proposed 32x56 ft. room would allow adequate space between the tables.

Chairs – Margaret brought in a sample of the chairs that her old church purchased , Missy had pages of chair options for the group to look at  --  Margaret will inquire about the cost of the sample chair.

Windows -  Confirmed that we could have a stained glass window between 2 others as shown on the proposed plan—everyone in favor of that style.  Asked if we could re-use existing windows; Bob responded yes but recommended going with solid fiberglass windows (woodlook colors available).

Woodwork - Consensus want same wood work “color” as existing to blend with tables and like the recessed windows without woodwork like they have now.

Window Treatment and Ventilation Fans -- All like the idea of cordless blinds.  Bob recommended the ceiling fans that the group had on the wishlist.

Wall Paint  and chair rail – consensus that this will depend on the color of the carpet/chairs, etc.  Still in favor of chair rail

Foundation -   Wood or poured concete was discussed.  Bob says verdict is still out after 25 years but a lot of building/homes have wood now and see reduced heating bills/warmth/more very efficient using a heat pump with propane backup. He said finishing off inside is easier than with the poured concrete.   Group suggested talking to Mark Olgren and anyone having a wood basement for recommendations.

Multi-purpose room -  Not that this was in our whelm of responsibility but discussed having a place upstairs for robes, etc.  That led to additional storage and divided area for meeting rooms within the Fellowship Hall.  Bob recommended looking into accordion rolls (8 ft high) as dividers – apparently Grace Church has them and very useful. 

Next meeting on Monday, December 1 at 6:30 pm

                                                                                                                            Scribe - Margaret