Fellowship Hall - Expansion Sub Committee

Notes from October 29, 2014 meeting

In attendance:  Helen Freeman, Saundra Stuart, Doris Heaberlin, Missy Shaver and Margaret Forster.  Written suggestions submitted by Jeff Freel and Margaret Forster were reviewed.  Gaylen Heaberlin was in attendance to offer any guidance and/or clarification to the committee.

Briefly discussed having hall being a multi-purpose room with accordion divider(s) and for same floor storage of supplies and tables/chairs for us aging folks.  Discussion followed on a “needs/wish list” for the expansion of Fellowship Hall. 

Floors =  “woodlook” tile-vinyl for functionality / carpet not functional—always dirty

Tables =  more Monroe round tables to seat 8 chairs around/will need to purchase 9 more to have at least 15 tables to seat 120 in the hall.  Will inquire about costs.

Chairs =  get rid of the cloth chairs and purchase new (at least 140-150) , non – cloth comfortable, safe chairs.  Missy and Margaret will look further into possible options for chairs.

Lighting =  no ceiling tiles (get dirty and sag), real sheetrock ceiling, lights to be flush in ceiling.  Doris will check on some lights that she saw and liked.

Ventilation/Fans =  ceiling fans to move air similar to what we have now in both the hall and kitchen.

 Windows =  like the idea of a stained glass window in the center of 2 windows with screens that push out/in to clean on south side parallel to parking lot .

Window Treatment =  dreaming of blinds between 2 sheets of glass but could live with blinds that roll up without strings like Doris and Missy have.

Woodwork =  a nice medium oak to match the table tops and have chair rail to protect walls from chairs/day-to-day damage.

Foundation = wood or cement block?  Concern about water damage, termites, longevity, etc. with wood.   Understand it would be warmer but Helen will check with a neighbor who has the wood and will invite Bob Johnston to explain the two styles with us at a later meeting.

Next meeting – November 12th at 7:15 pm in Fellowship Hall

Scribe - Margaret