It is very difficult to describe an awesome experience of working with the men and women of God. Being a Professional Friends entails more than just doing Security. It also entails Serving in all aspects of need. Please allow me to share with you the excitement of serving in pictures.

Just days before Katrina we enjoyed a moment together (James, Fred Hammon, & Mama "D") while preparing to do more ministry
Norm Stopenbrink and his bride joined me in celebrating the Doctorial acquisition.
Just making sure that the man of God(Bishop Paul Morton) was properly covered during a moment of sharing with the saints.

Three Amigos now Three Doctors ministering to the sick among the saints
With Bishop Kinneth Ulmer(President of The King's Seminary.....) who taught me the 'distance between my head and my heart'.
Bishop Ulmer along with his dearest wife and best friend.

Up With People of Redlands, California celebrating (circa 1990) music, ministry, growing pains, and lots of great fellowship during times of the early 60'.
I really miss these great folk who played such a vital role in my life.
 God blesses people who are Up With People