I'm please to share with you by way of 'pictures and brief information'  those whom I work directly and indirectly with on a daily, weekly, and or monthly bases. The following are Men and Women whom I've bonded with in an effort to spread the 'good news' of our Lord and Savior Jesus (the) Christ. These are those that I'm come to love and respect because of what they've done to make life better for those whom they serve and those whom are under their influence. Perhaps you will get to know them in the ways that I've come to know them and appreciate them.

Blessings to you.

Pastor/Evangelist Daniel and Marie Lhermenault of Roubaix, France. This couple has been a tremendous blessing to me for over 39 years. Although not active in the pastoral ministry, they still manage to travel all over Europe preaching the message of the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Ms. Nicol Romero at the moment is climbing the academic latter with the goal of obtaining a Doctorate of Jurious Prudence. She will be one of the world's greatest Minister of Justice. The Lord is preparing her to represent Him in the much needed area of Law. Although she's my 'daughter', she has been a awesome and influential blessing in my life. She will equally be a blessing to your life.