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Islam: the Truth About the Terror By Dan Gross

Rejoice and Welcome the King By Roland Clarke

Is Allah the God of the Bible? By Sam Shamoun

The Kingdom of Peace By Memsuah Mansoor

Jesus and Muhammad: 15 Major Differences By James M. Arlandson

The Myth of Islamic/Muslim Toleration Towards Other North American Religions By Ney Rieber

Disclaimer: We believe in the free exchange of information. Posting a link, video or article on any page does not mean we agree or disagree with any of the information on the sites, videos, or in the articles. Indeed, while there is some material we find valuable at each link, on each video, or in each article, the reader must study it in light of the fact that we are simply desiring to give as much information as possible. We might not agree with much of the material at these sites, on the videos or in these articles -- we acknowlegde that the creators of these sites, videos, and articles might not agree with us.

The video below is a T.V. interview with a Muslim Iman. It conveys the Quran's teachings on How to beat your wife. Those who think Muslim's respect women will have a different opinion after watching this video!

As if the above TV interview was not enough check out the following C.N.N. TV interview dealing with Islam's view towards non Muslim's.

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