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This is ONE LAST TIME for the 5/10 Leckrone eNews.  I apologize for those who have received it correctly every time.  Just delete it again.  The reason I'm sending the complete edition is because I want to make sure that size is not the problem issue for some of you.  Your reply comments will be appreciated-- even simple words like... got it fine, yes, no, nothing, no pics, jibberish, extra characters, etc.

May 10, 2010

Dear Friends, Family, Ministry Partners, & Share Plan Supporters,

Greetings again from the "road of revival-land."  I hope all is well in your world.  A little explanation is probably in order regarding the format and process of sending these eNews editions.  I heard from a couple people after the 4/27 edition that the lines of print were not wrapping the text to the next line. In other words, they had to scroll to the right a long ways to read it.  Also, one person commented that the pictures were staggered rather than in line as I set them.  I am a little baffled by this because I always include Tam and myself in the list to see how the final layout looks after traveling through cyber space.  We both received normal views with the exception of a couple of letters in the upper right corner. (&nsb)  Where that came from I don't know, but I assumed it was some sort of floating html code.  Others who replied made no comment to formatting.  Your feedback will be appreciated.  I started sending from our website module, and if there are issues I don't know about, I'd like to get them corrected.  I suppose it could vary to different recipients depending on their computer settings.  Thanks.

Here are some new views from the past few wonderful weeks.



Hurricane, WV Church of the Nazarene is a church on the move.  Pastor Phil and Brenda Bower have a wonderful congregation that loves revival.  We enjoyed working with the fine choir each service and witnessed many wonderful victories, including a new lady to the church named Marie, who was invited by a friend.  She felt the Spirit of God moving in her life and came to the altar when the invitation was given.  Tears flowed freely and a heart was changed by God's grace.  To God be the glory!  Please pray for Marie.



One of our new friends spent some time showing us the area around Hurricane, WV.  Marilyn Ramey knows all about the lay of the land so after she found out that we are interested in glassware, she took us to Blenko Glass (left) and Osburn Glass (center).  The owner, Dave Osburn, worked for Blenko for many years before buying the former Gibson Glass business.  On the right, we found ourselves in a quaint little tea room for lunch.  Thanks Marilyn for your tour guiding. 



On our way to Mt. Sterling, Ohio, we connected with long time friends, Mark & Janene Dubbeld and their children.  Leighton, Elena, Channing, & Britton were glad for the break so we visited in the coach before heading over to Donato's for some pizza.  They had just closed revival in Indianapolis and were heading back to Virginia as we were heading north.  Chillicothe, OH became our point of rendezvous.  Friends are so wonderful.  We are blessed.  Thanks for brightening our day whenever you visit, call, or email us.  The picture on the right is showing our two favorite fowl friends, Kirby and Madison, who spend most of their day hours in the flower shop of their "papa" Ralph Ross in Mt. Sterling, OH.



The Mount Sterling, Ohio Church of the Nazarene is one of our favorite "homes away from home."  They are a strong revival church and continue to grow as God brings the increase.  We love Pastor Ron Reynolds and his wife Jeanne Ann, who have been friends for many years.  Memories... how they linger!   At right, you'll notice two packs of Marlboro and a lighter.  After Scott came to the altar on Sunday night, he quickly went to his vehicle, soon to return with cigarettes, which he promptly and voluntarily placed on the altar.  His determination was evident and God's strength will be made perfect in his weakness.  Please pray for Scott.


Rev. Walter & Mary White treated us to lunch at O'Charley's in Grove City, Ohio while we were in revival at Mount Sterling.  Lower left is Rev. Dortha Ross, who is associate pastor.  (center) We knew it was time to leave when we noticed the dandelions growing up through the holes in our tow dolly.  (right) Our friend, Bonnie Houser, invited us to a fund raising event for Athletes in Action at Scioto Country Club on our night off after the revival.  It was a beautiful evening and everyone knows that evangelists can't pass up a free meal.  Hmm, now that I think of it, the food wasn't free after all, considering our gift to Athletes in Action.


Paris, Kentucky Church of the Nazarene hosted a noon prayer service for the city on the National Day of Prayer that followed the revival.  The church had written ahead to see if we would stay over the extra day to minister in music and preaching.  We were excited to meet a lady named Debra, who explained to us that she and her husband had recently moved to Paris and were looking for a church.  She promised to come back the following Sunday.  Rev. Paul and Shirley Hedge pastor there after coming out of retirement.  Although he has faced some physical challenges, they are doing a wonderful job and God is blessing.  Please pray for them as they come to mind.


The beautiful horse farms between Lexington, KY and Paris, KY have bred and borne many champions. The countryside is rolling and beautiful in every direction.  Once again this spring we had some heavy rainfall.  The picture at right shows one of many places that were closed due to high water.


Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky was about an hour and 15 minutes away from Paris, but that didn't stop our friend Bette Edwards from taking us over for a tour and lunch together with Tam's dad, Phil Hanner, who came from his home in southern Indiana to meet us there.  Bette's father was very involved in caring for the famous horse, Secretariat after he was boarded at Claiborne Farms following the Triple Crown accomplishment in 1972.  Tam and I couldn't resist the temptation to race a couple of horses ourselves.  As of yet, we have not felt compelled to invest in horse flesh.


Larry preached about "Prayer Power" at the National Day of Prayer service, but had a little more trouble finding an appropriate theme when he stood behind the sacred desk at Cane Ridge.  This historical site is preserved to show the huge impact that early camp meetings had in the area.  It was built in 1791 just prior to Kentucky becoming a state in 1792.  Thus, it can be accurately stated that this building has been in two states (VA & KY), but never moved.  It is reported to have seen crowds between 20,000 and 30,000 in 1801.  Between 3000 and 4000 found new faith in that encampment.  Oh, wouldn't it be wonderful to see that happen again?  Do it again, Lord.  Do it again!


On our way to Lima, Ohio we chose a Wal-Mart parking lot in Troy, Ohio.  Little did we know that a powerful wind and rainstorm was coming.  We survived the 80 mile-per-hour winds and rains, but the coach was rocking for sure.  After the storm subsided there were sirens going off all around us.  Just a few feet away from where the coach was parked there was someone being loaded into an ambulance.  Thanks for your prayers of protection that many of you pray for us.  We never know what might be coming.


Trinity Wesleyan Church in Lima, Ohio was our next revival engagement.  We have known Pastor Eric and Debbie Allen for many years.  Debbie was a youth camper back at Portage, Ohio camp meeting when we were first acquainted with her family.  We always enjoy their fellowship as their daughter, Rachelle, and their son, Isaac, are growing up fast.  Rev. Howard Rickey surprised us when he drove up from Xenia, Ohio on Sunday evening.  He was a pastor for many years and has been an evangelist for quite a few years now.  He was a blessing to have in the service.  Thanks Howard for making the trip!

Thanks again for your prayers for us!  If there is any way that we can pray for you or your family, please let us know.   Come, call, email, text, or visit our website at "www.leckroneministries.org" if you get a chance.

Bye for now, till next time.

Blessings to you and yours!

Larry & Tam

May 15-19                 Plainfield, Indiana

May 21-26                 Muncie, Indiana (5 church holiness crusade)

May 29-June 2           Union City, Pennsylvania

June 5-9                    Fremont, Ohio