Church Service Times

            Sunday   School                                                     9:45 AM

        Song And Sunday Worship Service                   10:45 AM

          Sunday Evening Prayer Band                               5:00 PM

       Sunday Evening Song And Worship Service      5:30 PM

          Wednesday Song Bible Study                               7:00 PM

          2015 Conference Messages Are Online on Our Second Web Site

 I am sorry it took so long to get these online but I was sick during the conference and did not get to attend but three services. I had to depend on others to record the messages and there was no one there to record during the day on our equipment.
A big thanks to Brother James Staley who recorded the daytime messages on his cell phone and put them on CD and mailed them to me. I cleaned them up the best I could. I hope you all can hear them good enough to get a Blessing from them.

        Brother Ed Clark

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We believe this is a good article for all to read!!


By Pastor Tom Ross

6339 County Rd. 15

South Point, Ohio


When God says, “I’ve had enough!”

by Robert McCurry

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