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Pastor Owens for Ruth Case

9/15/2012, 12:30
Subject: Re:Lillian Jamison urgent prayer

Pastor Owens for Ruth Case wrote:

This is an update on Lillian I received today. Please pray that God's will will
be done in this situation. Ruth S.

Charles Heckman was in to see Lillian yesterday. The eye that she is blind in
was covered with a patch. She had her good eye open and he felt she knew he was
there. He ask her a question and she nodded yes. He ask another question and she
moved her head to indicate no. She moved her right arm to touch him. We do thank
the lord for this. Feel it is in answer to prayer.

The doctors are amazed. They are going to sedate her to let her body and mind
rest. They may consider operating in a few days. The out look isn’t all
positive. She could die, but if she lives she will still be totally paralyzed on
her left side, and never walk again. They will only be able to relieve the
pressure on the brain.

Thank you for praying.

Ruth Case