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David Case

3/13/2012, 12:18
Subject: Re:Please pray for the Case Family

David Case wrote:

Good morning.
We want to update you on Ralynne's progress after surgery on her brain for a tumor. The tumor was benign for which we thank God and her progress after the service is normal that is the brain has swelled somewhat, there is some problem with the thinking process however that was what was expected. She is in ICU and will remain there for today and after that it is wait and see. We appreciate all your prayers concerning her.

Steve Beveridge is doing better just moving a little slower but handling the pace maker well. Just feeling like he is too young to have one. 39 is a young age but if it is necessary the age factor should not be a concern.

Our family feels very fortunate to have heard the gospel and to know the Savior and have a confidence that He knows the way we take. These things are not by chance but are ordered of the Lord for His divine purpose.
Again thanks for your prayers and we will keep you updated on how the Lord is answering your prayers. The Cases

>David case wrote:
>Hello everyone,
>Our son-in-law, Steve Beveridge, had a pace maker put in this morning,9th of March after passing out and coding twice once at home and the other time during a test at the hospital. He is through surgery and doing better as he recovers from this experience. He will be spending another day in the hospital and if everything continues to go well will be able to go home tomorrow. We are very grateful that Joy was at home when he stopped breathing and was able to get his heart to work again and called the ambulance to transport him to the hospital. They currently pastor the Butler Wesleyan Methodist Church in Butler, PA. Thanks for your prayers.