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Pastor Owens (from Shirley Dye)

4/17/2011, 15:20
Subject: Judy Williams

Pastor Owens (from Shirley Dye) wrote:

This just in from Penny's sister:

Today Pen and Mary did not a good report about Judy. The doctor is now telling them she DOES have Sarcoma (cancer) in her pleural cavity. They have been telling them she did not even this doctor at Greenville. They are not going to take her off the respirator as planned, but say they will in a couple of days. She now has a feeding tube, but they are going to take one of her chest tubes out today. The doctor in Greenville said he will call her doctor in Texas to see if he has anything to offer. I just cannot imagine her being strong enough to try anything at this time.

In the meantime, the Geenville doctor said they will try to get her well enough to get out of ICU, to a regular room and then home. He suggested Hospice, but they have already decided they do not want to do that.

Let's continue to pray for the Victory Trio.