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Bill Sankey

10/25/2010, 22:41
Subject: Re:Update on Judy Williams of Victory Trio

Bill Sankey wrote:

Thank you for the update on Rev. Judy Williams. What has happened with her since August. Also, We would like to make contact with Penny Ford but don't know her cell phone number or address.

>Pastor Owens from Roger Hatfield wrote:
>UPDATE on Sis. Judy Williams:
>by Rev. Roger Hatfield on 07/21/10
>Here is the latest news from Texas.
>Sister Williams is feeling better than she has for the last two weeks. No doubt this is due to the harsh side effects of the chemo wearing off. The awful nausea had subsided and she has been able to take in some food and fluids. Her white blood count and blood work is getting back in the normal range- thank the Lord. She has a chest x-ray this morning (Wednesday) and sees the cancer doctor this afternoon to evaluate the progress of the treatment. Then she and the doctors will decide whether she will take another round of chemo or not.
>I am sure this will be a difficult decision due to the shortness of breath that she still is experiencing at times. Thanks for your concern and prayers, keep them up. God is still able to raise her up and heal her for His glory.
>Roger Hatfield