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Kathy Moltzen

2/19/2010, 5:54
Subject: Prayer request and an update

Kathy Moltzen wrote:

Dear Friends,
Just a little update and a new prayer request. A 30 year old gentleman (Brian) who is the son of a friend of mine had a seizure this week and was rushed to the hospital. Diagnosis is a brain tumor. Emergency surgery being done at Albany Med yesterday (Thursday). No update as of yet.
4 year old Lauren is doing incredibly well but still in the hospital because her blood pressure keeps going up and down. The hospital has ordered a special blood pressure kit that will fit her little arm and as soon as that arrives they believe she will be able to come home and be monitored at home. Thank you prayer warrior's for all your prayers for this little girl. Praise God for answering those prayers. I am praying that this will be a testimony to Lauren's family as to how powerful and awesome God truly is.
I still have my unspoken prayer request. I should mention that my request is a two part request and God has answered one part and I praise Him for that. Now I am praying on the second part.
I would also like to ask you to continue to pray for me with this lung problem. It is still wearing me out quickly. I do feel better but I have a ways to go.
Thank you all.
Blessings, Kathy