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David case

4/6/2012, 17:54
Subject: Re:Tom D.

David case wrote:

Tom Dobbin was to weak for them to operate on Wednesday. They will have wait until he gets built up some before they can do it.

Thank you.

>David case wrote:
>Tom Dobbin will be operated on this Wednesday to remove the tumor that surrounds his aorta.
>They don't give him much hope. Remember him spiritually as well.
>Thank you.
>>David Case wrote:
>>Our son David called this morning to ask for prayer for his brother-in-law, tom. He has a disease that will eventually take his life. He grows tumors inside and outside his body. Last night they had to take him to Albany Med with chest pains and a tumor is on his aorta and he is bleeding internally. He needs prayer for Spiritual healing as well as physical.
>>Thank you.