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Pastor Owens from Roger Hatfield

7/8/2010, 20:30
Subject: Update on Judy Williams of Victory Trio

Pastor Owens from Roger Hatfield wrote:

Just talked to Penny Ford by phone and the Trio have decided :

1. To stay in Texas for the follow up and next treatments. They had thought they would come home to Ohio and follow up with a cancer doctor here, that has changed. All three of the ladies feel she will get the best possible treatment and follow up there.

2. Sister William's cough has decreased since taking the three rounds of chemo last week-end.

3. She has started having some nausea as one of the side effects.

4. She is going this evening to get some kind of blood booster injection- (possibly white blood cell booster)

5. They are moving the travel trailer tomorrow from where they are to a location that is only about 5 miles from the hospital. Currently they have been about 26 miles in commute.

6. The hospital is talking like they want her to have blood tests every two days, being closer will help significantly.

Penny expressed their appreciation for the prayers. God bless you all,

Until next time,
Roger Hatfield