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Pastor Owens from D. Maxey

7/11/2010, 15:23
Subject: Paul Kaufman

Pastor Owens from D. Maxey wrote:

Hello to my dear friend,

I have just returned home from a campmeeting in Pell City, AL for the Bible Methodists. Just before leaving, a white pimple-like thing appeared on the left side of my nose. It did not come to a "head" as expected, but grew rapidly. On the way down to Alabama, we spent the week with a retired medical doctor -He didn't like the thing on my nose and got me into a plastic surgeon on Monday morning. Samples were taken and on the return trip home he excised the squamous cell cancer, telling that the frozen sections indicated that he had gotten all the cancer cells.

The next day, I returned for the bandage removal only for him to tell me that he had not gotten all the cancer and that the tumor was not growing--it was exploding! He stress that it must be attacked immediately. I am scheduled for special surgery in Cleveland University Hospital on July 26. My nose looks pretty awful at present--and will look much worse in a few days, but that is not a big issue; we just want them to do whatever it takes to resolve the matter. Two roots along the nerve are where the residue seems to be located--as far as he thinks. My physician friend told us that in all his years of practice, he had never witnessed such rapid and invasive growth. Thanks for your concern and please remember to mention me (and my wife) to the Lord in your prayers.

Our Lord always has a plan He is working out; my prayer is for Him to use whatever is left of my life to glorify Himself through this episode in my life.

God bless you and your ministry,

P. Kaufman