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Forward from John Case

3/3/2010, 10:42
Subject: Update on Joy Beveridge

Forward from John Case wrote:

Hi all,
I hope you all are not tired of hearing from us but we surely need you all to help us carry what is turning out to be a very heavy load.
I just got off the phone with Joy and instead of the surgeon scheduling a biopsy, he scheduled an ultrasound as he needs to know which lymph node is the most affected. He would not say what it is that is affecting Joy's lymph nodes but I got the impression that it is serious. She has developed a lot of pain in her shoulder area as the growth near her collar bone is now pressing on her nerves. When he gets the results of the ultrasound he will then contact her and schedule the biopsy. So that is all we know and Mom and Dad are waiting (im)patiently for the results.
Why God is leading us down this road we do not know but we do know that "He knoweth the path that we take" and as I recommitted Joy to Him this morning, I felt the Lord take her out of my hands and He let me know and assured me again that she is safe in His keeping. What a wonderful God that assures us that all is well when to us all is in shambles.
Thanks again for your prayers and for your patience with us. God bless you all, Bro. and Sr. John Case