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Pastor Owens (from Roger Hatfield)

1/13/2011, 12:15
Subject: Judy Williams

Pastor Owens (from Roger Hatfield) wrote:

Sister Judy Williams just received the results of her scan and her doctor visit in Houston Texas. The words I received were, the doctor was well pleased with her situation. He told her she would have to take chemo again down the road somewhere, but for now she was free to go and do what she can. Her next visit there is in three months. Praise the Lord.

In case some of you are behind the curve, she was hospitalized in LA for loss of blood due to the blood thinner she is on. She was very sick when they got her to the ER and they gave her 3 units of blood to get her back up to normal. She was discharged there on Sunday and they finished the trip to Houston the first of the week.

God has been good and allowed Judy to preach several meetings since her chemo, may He give her a fruitful ministry until He is finished with her.

Thanks for your love and prayers for the Trio.

Pastor Roger Hatfield

PS. Please continue to pray for Judy (Ford) Scheidler who is also battling with cancer at this time. This is Penny's sister.