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Pastor Owens

3/19/2015, 10:23
Subject: Re:from Stephen Mills, Missionary in Brazil

Pastor Owens wrote:

Dear Prayer Partner,

Thank you so much for praying for our meeting tonight. Victories were won tonight. A good housecleaning was done and items burned. We are believing that there is total deliverance.

Thank you for your prayers but please continue to pray for this family. They need their brothers and sisters in Christ to surround them with a hedge of prayer.

Stephen and Kezia

>Pastor Owens wrote:
>(Names withheld)
>Dear Prayer Partner,
>Good Afternoon. We are sending out an S.O.S. for prayer on the behalf of [one of our church people]. [This couple] moved back into the area after living in the interior for 3 years. They were a vital part of our church before they moved away in 2011.It is so good to have them worshiping with us again.
>About 2 weeks ago, [one of the couple] began complaining of some health issues. Heart palpitations, stomach and breathing issues. This past weekend and this week, there have been frequent episodes of demon manifestations. Please pray for [the pastor and leaders] as they work with this family, and the whole church as they are trying to dedicate themselves to fasting and prayer during this spiritual battle. Pray for true deliverance. God is able and greater than all the power of darkness combined!
>Tonight a few of the pastors and leaders will be gathering after seminary at the Monte Pascoal church for prayer and we are believing that tonight there will be victory.
>Stephen and Kezia Mills
>Serving in Brazil