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Kathy Moltzen

2/6/2010, 5:59
Subject: Unspoken prayer request plus

Kathy Moltzen wrote:

Greetings Friends,
Please continue to pray for my unspoken request.
I also have another prayer request.
I have been ill since last Sunday and as the week has gone on I have gotten worse. On Wednesday I went to the Dr.'s office and was treated for a persistent cough and fever.
On Thursday I started having problems breathing and by evening I ended up in the ER with what is now being called asthmatic bronchitis. So I am now being treated with antibiotics and inhalers. This morning I woke up feeling like I have a good head cold settling in. I have put my ladies in respite for a few days as I just need some down time to get over this. I would greatly appreciate your prayers. Thank you all so much.
Blessings, Kathy