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Pastor Owens

7/8/2010, 20:32
Subject: Update from Michael Wright

Pastor Owens wrote:

Thanks for continuing to support us as we walk through this valley. Here is an update.

At this time, I've finished 8 (out of 24) recommended chemotherapy treatments. These treatments were very tough, especially the first 6. For some reason, and I believe prayer, the last two were much better (as far as side effects are concerned). My wife and I believe God led us to stop the chemo and pursue alternative treatment options. I'm very scared about the long-term effects from chemo on my body. It doesn't seem like good stewardship for me to put all of these high-dose chemo treatments through my body. Especially when no other cancer was found other than in my right leg which was amputated. I understand there could be something "too small" to be seen - this is where I'm trusting in my Heavenly Father who created my body in the first place. He, and He alone knows all about my condition at this time and the future. The oncologist was giving me the "maximum doses" possible to give anyone - very scary!

God opened up a door which allowed us to meet Dr. Garrett Sullivan, MD, who works in the Integrated Medicine clinic at KU Medical Center. Dr. Sullivan did some extensive blood work and other lab tests to determine where my body's weak spots were and now he is guiding me in taking supplements to strengthen these areas. It is his belief that cancer cells (which everyone has) can be destroyed by a healthy body. Somehow, somewhere, something in my body may have been broken and allowed this to happen. One type of treatment offered by Dr. Sullivan is intravenous Vitamin C. In fact, the clinic at KU was written about by Dr. Julian Whitaker in his monthly newsletter called Health & Healing. Right now Dr. Sullivan is suggesting I do one of these treatments per week for 1 year to strengthen my immune system and also "burn out" any cancer cells that might exist. There are no adverse side effects to this type of treatment. These treatments will cost somewhere between $125 - $160 (each) depending on the dosage and my insurance may not cover them. The "downside" to this is that some of the treatment options and the supplements offered by the Integrated Medicine clinic may not be covered by my insurance. We will appreciate your prayers that God will provide the finances we need to cover everything. He has been VERY faithful to us during the past three months, we have no reason to believe He will fail us now.

This is certainly testing my faith, but we are doing our best to believe God for total healing of my body. I'm also changing my diet, trying to avoid refined sugar, and I've started drinking smoothies and fruit/veggie juices made in a Vita-Mix.

I have 4 beautiful children and a wonderful wife, Shawna. My children: Luanna (13), Esther (9), Julianna (5), and Karson (1). These children belong to God. It is my desire to be able to help raise them, if God will allow. I'm praying to that end and believing God to make it so according to His will.

LORD, You are my portion and my cup "of blessing" You hold my future. Psalm 16:5 (HCSB)

Michael Wright