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2/21/2012, 18:56
Subject: Ralynne Case

David wrote:

Joe's wife, Ralynne, just discovered that she has a huge brain tumor. This came as a real SHOCK! But the doctor doesn't think it's cancer. If you were to put your left hand above your left ear, that is the size of the tumor... not just the palm of your hand, but including the fingers. The thing is, she was just at her family doctor's for a regular physical, and she was telling him that she started back in July having some problems with thinking of words when she
tried to talk, and some short term memory problems. No other symptoms at all. No numbness, no paralysis, no headaches, no trouble walking, nothing. Just the speech/memory. Her doctor immediately got her an MRI, and shock of all shocks, a huge tumor. He has scheduled surgery to have it removed on March 2. They are quite
shook up and would appreciate your prayers.


PS They have set up the date February 24th.