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Name: Clem Webb (email)     Date: 5/28/2012, 16:41
Comments: I'm sad to read the slander here about UCM-India. The size of their accounts in India doesn't bother. Things ARE DIFFERENT there. I have BEEN THERE. I have photographed the work. I have met 50+ of the pastors they help. I HAVE SEEN the $ given to these men. I have SEEN the orphanages. Don't believe charges you have read here. I have stayed in their compound: the family, the Bible sch. and the fams. who come there to learn without fee. I SAW NO EVIDENCE OF FRAUD OR ANYTHING AMISS. Clem Webb

Name: keijo (email)     Date: 2/3/2012, 8:47
Comments: And good health are very valuable today wit hus around the world and best healing the wells are Jesus with many promises that heal and take care in whole mind and soul and body and give more power that go an in faith and in peace and trusting in him always,thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden

Name: Don Meyer (email)     Date: 4/30/2011, 14:36
Comments: Please be alert of a fraudulent ministry in India: here is the story: Universal Church Ministries (UCM-INDIA) operations in Andhra Pradesh, Southern India led by Subhakara Sastry and his brother Santhosh Kumar Desabattula, has posed as a Christian Organization supporting 200 pastors, Bible College, an orphanage. Recent fund raising schemes include needing money to buy land, build a church or travel to conferences in USA. Recently there have been allegations of financial fraud.

Name: Cheryl (email)     Date: 6/22/2010, 13:42
Comments: Please pray for me for the following:
*My health and that I stick to my vow of eating better and lose weight I have an underactive thyroid and causing much difficulty taking medication for it.
*My spiritual growth to be stronger in the Lord and my service to Him.
*To rid my life of some problem thoughts dealing with a relationship with much hurt and decit its in the past and I NEED to let go completly.

Name: Sheila (email)     Date: 5/12/2010, 23:50
Comments: I was wondering if you knew where Blaine and Becky Cook are now?

Name: Tiaan van Niekerk (email)     Date: 12/25/2007, 9:23
Comments: Hey there
One day I will join you guys from sunny South Africa. I studied theology at the University of Pretoria and want to be involved in a ministry that brings the gospel to the world through movies. I like what I've read on your home page and I would love to live in Surf City!
Please contact me if you have any suggestions as how I would have to go about starting such a ministry as I have mentioned above.
Blessings in Christ and Merry Christmas!
Tiaan van Niekerk

Name: Nicolas Helez homepage (email)     Date: 7/2/2007, 9:53
Comments: Peace be unto you!

Let he that has an ear hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches (the body of faiths), even unto all men.

Eternal love!
Messenger of the Father

Name: Dave (email)     Date: 4/22/2007, 13:58
Comments: Greetings,
Miss your fellowship while traveling.
God is truly wonderful!
Witnessing for God's glory.
May our Father bless your service today.
Thinking of you all.
My prayers join yours on this day of worship.

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