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 We have adopted the house church model for our main worship and other corporate worship meetings because it offers a more welcoming and friendly environment as well as a more relaxed approach to facilitating the flow of the gifts of the Holy Spirit among us for ministry and release of the cleansing, healing stream of God's love. It fits our small size as well.

For weekday meetings, we meet as needed either at the church or in homes, parks or clubhouses.

CHURCH ADDRESS: 5082 Argosy Ave., Huntington Beach, CA 92649. This is Robinwood Church, and we meet in the 'Upper Rooms' (second floor) there. 
Just enter from the front/street facing door, and go up the stairs directly to the right, and you will find us there.

TELEPHONE: 714 897-1577


DENOMINATION: Although we are a non-denominational Vineyard Christian Fellowship, we are affiliated with the Association of Vineyard Churches, USA, which is a gently structured, world wide confederation. And we are one of many world wide fellowships who enjoy the small group or house church style.

Officially released to begin as a new Vineyard Christian Fellowship (VCF) on 05/22/1993 by Bob Oliver, Pastor of the Whittier/LaHabra VCF and Regional Overseer for the Los Angeles area. 
Started Sunday Worship Services in June of 1993 (Mother's Day) at the Secor residence.
Began meeting at Golden West College, Community Center Building, on September 11, 1994.
Started using a rotating house church meeting format in September of 2004.
Began using a church office facility at 7314 Center Ave, HB, CA 92647 on January 11, 2008.
Got 7396 Center Ave. worship facility in late June, 2010.
Had to move out by Dec. 31, 2011 so owner/developer could demolish the entire shopping center and build his condos.
Rented room from Robinwood Church in mid January through Feb. Then rented the upstairs suite of rooms there starting in mid-March, 2012.

SERVICE TIMES: Sunday worship is at 10:30 A.M. and after the worship songs are over the children may meet in a different room during the service.  
Infants and toddlers may go directly to the nursery area nearby in the same site, or may stay with parents in adult service. Services typically last until noon.

MIDWEEK SERVICES: Check Thursday nights on our Recurrent Events Calender. Other days/times may be listed as active, depending on season.
Newcomers especially welcome to come and get their questions and concerns aired.

SENIOR PASTOR: Rev. Judy Secor, R.N., B.S., M.Div., 1992, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA. Judy became an ordained Reverend in 1992.

VOLUNTEER STAFF: We have only one employee, our senior pastor. All others are volunteers at this time.

SIZE OF CONGREGATION: Approx. 7 committed adult members at present. (We just lost our facilities)

HOME GROUP HOSTS:  Call church message phone and leave a message to schedule a meeting...714 897-1577.

MAKEUP OF CONGREGATION: Cosmopolitan mix of ages, marital status, ethnicity, intellect and income levels.
The unifying factor is the love of God and the focus on easy to follow, pure whole-hearted, Holy Spirit filled worship of God along with practical, expository, biblical teaching.

CHILDCARE: Provided for infants and toddlers by a trained volunteer staff that must pass our background checks and guidelines for the safety of the children.
Parents of infants and toddlers who plan to come regularly are expected to RSVP in advance and to help out on a rotational basis as needed.
Parents and children are encouraged to check on each other at any time when they are not worshiping or learning together.

TYPE OF WORSHIP: Gentle and sweet-spirited praise and worship songs, interspersed with prayer and scripture. We place a high value on the counsel of all the biblical scriptures. The usual worship service elements include prayer, praise and worship in song, tithes & offerings, the scriptural message of the day, in no particular order. Holy Communion with healing prayer is usually offered on the first Sunday of the month, and we often have lunch together afterward for those who can stay or go out to eat together. Rather than just going to church, we hope to BE the church ... all week, each week.

TYPE OF MESSAGE: We enjoy expository teaching or preaching that unpacks a biblical text for the average person. Secor usually teaches one book of the Bible at a time and follows a rotating schedule of themes for her messages. 1) Goldenwest Vineyard 101: We are God's Family, Army, School, Hospital; 2) Christianity 101: Understanding and applying the Bible and various main Christian doctrines or disciplines to our lives; 3) Leadership Training 101: Church organization, evangelism, discipleship, ministry; 4) Christian Life and Discipleship Skills 101: fulfilling our lives in Christ, fantastic marriages, building a strong family, Life in the Spirit seminars; 5) Vision Casting 101: celebrating what God is calling us to, ministry skills, life skills, where we've been, who & what we are now, and where we are going together. Currently we're launching a series called The Story, from Max Lucado and Randy Frazee that is a simple overview of the entire Bible, in a 31 chapter all church experience.

RECENT PAST MESSAGES: A history of sermon topics includes sermon series on the Sermon on the Mount, spiritual gifts, spiritual warfare, family devotions, hearing from God, the Purpose Driven curriculum of Experiencing Christ Together, the supremacy of Christ, and expository exploration of the books of Luke and Acts and Saddleback's Life's Healing Choices 40 Day Session, a financial fitness series, and a series on overcoming temptation.

UPCOMING MESSAGES: Starting in April, 2012 we will be using an all church, all age, chronological, easy to understand, DVD driven, small group and/or family focused, overview of The Holy Bible called The Story. After that, a focus on allowing God to show us healthy self and soul care. Biblical methods that work. Ongoing is the emphasis on applying all we're learning to help upgrade our character and integrity.

DRESS: Members and visitors are free to wear casual and comfortable clothing or to dress up whenever they feel like it.
Considerate modesty in style is encouraged.

VISITOR INFORMATION: The newcomer sitting in the worship service does not have to do anything except listen and observe. The format is casual. Refreshments are provided and may be brought into the service. There is an optional newcomer's welcome time after the service. A free Bible is offered for the first time visitor, and a free Vineyard Music Group music CD is given when one returns on their second visit. Simply introduce yourself and let the Pastor know you would like one. 

CHURCH PROGRAMS: Small home based fellowships during the week (such as Bible studies, prayer groups, worship team practice, womens/mens/childrens clubs or meetings) are the preferred meeting styles. The church also provides ministry and service for Baptism, weddings, funerals, and hospital/prison/shut-in visitation, and a diversity of prayer ministry including private personal prayer, intercessory prayer, and protracted prayer sessions for major prayer needs. Classes on Baptism, Basic Christianity, Vineyard style of ministry and Training Sessions on ministry skills are offered on a recurring schedule. Just ask.

OUTREACH PROGRAMS: The church is small, but it does a lot.
It tithes 10% of it's income to missions and other Christian ministries in addition to those outreaches it has founded.
It regularly provides clothes & food for the hungry, the frail elderly, single parents, and other poverty income level residents of Orange County.
It also offers occasional Inquirers Courses for truth seekers, Vacation Bible School and a periodic Good News Club for neighborhood children after school.

VISION: MISSION: PURPOSE: See that webpage.

STRUCTURE: The Vineyard Christian Fellowship, Goldenwest Area, Huntington Beach, CA (aka: Goldenwest Vineyard) is a CA corporation, a tax exempt 501(c)3 non-profit church.
It is affiliated with the Vineyard Christian Fellowship movement worldwide, including the Vineyard USA.



(Nickname: Goldenwest Vineyard Church, or GVCF)

The Goldenwest VCF officially started 05/22/1993, as a new church plant out of the Whittier/LaHabra Vineyard Christian Fellowship while Bob Oliver was their Sr. Pastor. Bob called Bill and Judy Secor and Team up to be prayed for and blessed and sent out by his church during their Sunday Worship Service. This was with the blessing of Carl Tuttle, who was the Pastor of the Anaheim VCF after John Wimber had died, and with the blessing of John McClure, who was the Regional Overseer for the Association of Vineyard Churches locally in Orange County, CA.

The Secor Team consisted of Wayne and Dianne Oestreich, Sonya Thompson, and two or three others. It was actually the same Team that followed the Secors from the Anaheim Vineyard that Secors recruited and trained to start Homeless Christian Fellowship in Santa Ana. This same tiny Team helped start GVCF; not the other way around. So the poor church in Santa Ana planted the rich church in Huntington Beach. Praise the Lord!

The Secors had met with Carl earlier and it was at that time that they each discovered that there were going to be TWO VCFs planted in the Secor home town of Huntington Beach! Carl had recently called the Bartley family from Carl's church to move to Huntington Beach and plant a Vineyard. Meanwhile, the Secors had been preparing to plant a VCF in HB for years, but through serving John McClure's VCF in Newport Beach. However John was not comfortable being the church to send out the Secors because Huntington Beach is right next to Newport Beach. John wanted to send new church plants only to places like Siberia; far away, so as not to hurt the sending church. So to prevent hurting the Secors and their new church plant, John arranged for the Secors to be sent out from Bob Oliver's VCF, which was a 45 minute drive from HB and even longer from NB. Bob was most gracious and sent the Secors out without further delay after a reasonable time of oversight and review of their ministry at his church.

Before all that, the Secors had been active Kinship (small group) leaders in the Anaheim Vineyard under John Wimber. The Secors had started in Blaine & Becky Cook's Kinship ever since the Anaheim VCF was Calvary Chapel Yorba Linda, while it was meeting in Esperanza Jr. High School in 1987. Later, the Secor Saturday Night Kinship was known as the fast track way for becoming a leader in the Anaheim Vineyard. Several couples targeted for the pastorate were trained under the Secors there, and foreign teams were referred there to bask in the love of God, receive release of the power of the Holy Spirit and to experience VCF style ministry.

Judy got filled with the Holy Spirit while a leader in her Lutheran church in the 1960s, and subsequently released into the fullness of the Holy Spirit when in the prayer room (gym) at Canyon High School during one of the CCYL church services. Bill Secor got totally blessed by the Holy Spirit while in Blaine's Kinship, and again at John Wimber's class, MC510, at Fuller Theological Seminary. Judy took MC510 at the Anaheim VCF and served on the Wimbers' Ministry Team while it was being taught in Auckland, New Zealand and Melbourne, Australia.

Bill and Judy both graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary together with Master of Divinity Degrees June 13, 1992. Judy's M. Div. had a Major in Christian Formation and Discipleship. On May 17, 1992, the Orange County Regional Overseer of the Association of Vineyard Churches, John McClure, ordained both of them because they were ministering as Founding Sr. Pastors of the Homeless Christian Fellowship of Santa Ana, which they started 12/03/1989 in the YMCA Aerobics Room, while serving as Ministry Team Leaders in McClure's church. Bill was doing his pastoral internship in John McClure's church, and Judy had finished her pastoral internship under Craig Lockwood and Todd Hunter at the Anaheim VCF while John Wimber was still Sr. Pastor there.



Date Secor Saturday night kinship began in Secor home as an Anahein VCF small group: 1988.

Date church officially planted: 05/22/1993

Date of First Worship Service: Mothers Day, June (8?), 1993

                                                            (in Secors' living room in HB)

Date incorporated as a CA Non-Profit 501(c)3 Corporation: 12/21/1993
    (Articles of Incorporation)

Date of first Worship Service at Golden West College Community Center Building in HB:


FEIN: 33-0586466 obtained: 09/12/1994

Date changed from GWC to a House Church model (Sunday Services in a series of rotating host homes): Sept. 2004


Date started using a church office at 7314 Center Ave, HB: January 11, 2008.

Started renting Robinwood Church upstairs rooms in mid-March, 2012.

... to be continued (wanna play Historian? contact Judy)


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