"A Legecy of Servitude"

"The Church, Where Everybody Is Somebody and Jesus Christ Is Lord, ever so in Blackbottom"







  • Church in Training

Rev. Theodore Johnson - Miinister of Edication: Director of Church Training Union


  • Counseling Ministry

    Family Counselor - Pastor H.T. Rhim, Senior Pastor 

    Grief Counseling - Cora Hackley, Leader 

    Substance Support Counselor - 


Aerobics and Exercise

Benevolence Ministry - Dea. Willie Hackley, Leader

Big Brother/Big Sister Ministry


Building for Christian Womanhood ( B. F. C. W.) 

Bulletin/Newsletter Ministry - Dea. Alphonso Hayes Jr., Leader

Chess Ministry - Bro. Willie Jackson

Church School - Deacon Tony Glover

Clothing Ministry, Desiree Allen, Leader

Computer Ministry - James Williams, Leader

Couples Ministry - Dea. Walter Allen & Desiree Allen, Leaders 

Courtesy Ministry - Sister A. Rhiam

Culinary Ministry - Deacon Willie Hackley

Dance Ministry - Sister Cheryl Butler, Leader

Deacons Ministry - Dea. Ralph Smithr., Chairman & Dea. Willie Hackley Vice. Pres.

Deaconess Ministry - Debora Steele, President 

Discipleship Ministry - Sister Sadie Sutton

Drama Ministry

Educational Ministry - Mozella Jackson, Leader

Employment Ministry

Evangelism Ministry - Bro Alvin Brown Leader, Rev. James Fisher Assistant 

Finance Ministry - Juanita Bacon, Leader

Funeral Ministry - Cora Hackley, Leader

Grief Ministry Cora Hackley, Leader

Health Awareness Ministry (Nurses) - Gloria Crawford, Leader

Home Bible Study/Tape Ministry

Home Ownership Minsitry - Sister Latasha Cobb

Hospitality Ministry

HTR Singers - Male Choir

Insight Bible Class - Facilitators, Senior Pastor Rhim, & Rev Thedore Johnson, Minister of Education

Jail & Prison Minstry - Rev. Maurice Gibson, Leader

Junior Women's Ministry -  Joan Wharton, President
Karate Instruction
Mass Choir - Denise Crocker, President

Maturity in Action Ministry -  Catherine Brooks. Leader 

Mid - Week Worship Service

Ministry for New Disciples - Sheryl Walker, Leader

Men of Christian Activities ( M. O. C. A. ) Deacon Walter Allen , Assistant to Leader

Multi-Media - Ministry Deacon Daryl Alston Leader 

Nursery -  Christine Murphy, Leader 

Pantomime Ministry

Pastor Aide Minsitry - Ruby Smith, Leader

Radio Ministry (WCGL) Wednesdays 7 AM

Security Ministry - Dea. Emerson Steele, Leader

Senior Women's Ministry -  Dorothy Johnson, Leader

Sick & Confined Ministry - Dorothy Johnson, Leader

Singles Ministry - Cheryl Butler, Leader

Social Justice Ministry - Deacon Ralph Smith

Special Support Ministry

Transitional Ministry -  Ruby King, Leader

Transportation  Ministry - Deacon Ronald Leath ,  Leader 

Ushers Ministry

Males - James Williams, Leader

Adults - Shirley Stills, Leader

Young Adults 

Vistors Contact Ministry - Deborah Thompson, Leader

Women's Intermediate Ministry

Youth Enrichment Ministry - Rev. Rickie Simon, Jr.

  Youth Counselors

Rev. Maurice Gibson, Leola Ashely,  Deirdre Gregory, 

Ernestine Randolph, Joan Wharton, Kimberly Hardman, and