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Name: Mrs. Kelly Howell homepage (email)     Date: 8/17/2015, 21:05
Comments: Hello Pastor Killion, I don't know if you remember me ... I am Lloyd Linklater's friend in Texas. I've tried to send you an email to the email address listed here - & it didn't work. I apologize if this is not the best way. If you could email me I could reply to you & can get you the update information about Lloyd.

Thank you so much for visiting with me when we spoke last week & I look forward to receiving your email.

Name: Anne Orak (email)     Date: 11/29/2014, 15:56
Comments: Your work here is truly touching. May everyone hear His message and see the light. Praise Him!

Name: Deborah's testimony (email)     Date: 10/14/2014, 17:50
Comments: testimony video "Christ testimony of the churches around the world"
They change Is 9:5Torah to Is 9:6kjv. Is 9:6kjv is spiritual false image of devil coming as Christ Rev 17:8; 1john4:3, Dan8:10-11; Luke 4:9. Don't be a foolish virgin Matt 25:6! Eph 5:14, (dead Matt23:27;Jude 1:12;Matt 16:12), Christ give you light 2 Cor 6:17, Ezk 22:26; Mrk1:23;Rev 18:2. escape wrath coming to churches pray for Joel 2:28-29 Great tribulation coming!

Name: Dawson (email)     Date: 5/19/2014, 16:53
Comments: great site!

Name: Timothy Works (email)     Date: 4/21/2014, 20:54
Comments: Greetings, Bro. Larry and all the saints at TLBC from the Brethren at Liberty Missionary Baptist Church, Burton, MI. So good to see and fellowship with you at the Home Baptist Church Bible Conference. Sorry to hear of your travails getting back home. May the Lord continue to bless you and especially in your up coming missionary trips planned for later this year.

Name: a friend homepage (email)     Date: 12/10/2013, 19:08
Comments: I am thankful for the admin of this website for deleting the posts by those that spam it with the promotion of alleged "Love Doctors" with their power (from dark spiritual places) to cast spells etc to make unfaithful lovers return to those they deserted. This is blatantly un-biblical and superstitious thinking. Thank you for the biblical stand taken on this website. AMEN.

Name: keijo (email)     Date: 7/19/2013, 8:25
Comments: Gentle greeting with the lords vision today to go an in blessing and in peaceful praise to his whom can save us from coming wrath of god ,so let us be thankful for grace today and pray,thanks and bless,keijo sweden

Name: Rachel homepage (email)     Date: 1/8/2013, 6:05
Comments: Hi there! Nice site. You've gotta good things here. More power to your site! :-)

Name: DUSE MOURA (email)     Date: 11/25/2012, 21:28
Comments: Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, I would like to let you know I am very sorry for what happened to the church building. May the Holy Spirit comfort you all. In Jesus Christ name. Amen.

Name: Jennifer (email)     Date: 1/4/2012, 14:31
Comments: Prayer Request: My husband is filing for a divorce. He walked out on our marriage and from our home the day after Christmas. We’ve been together for over 10 yrs and have an 8 yr old daughter. He is having an affair with a co-worker (who left her husband recently as well). Please pray for us, for my husband's salvation and marriage restoration.

Name: Jennifer and Richard Miffin (email)     Date: 12/4/2011, 13:42
Comments: We are coming to afternoon service today to rejoice in the Lord. We are both Military and we are very blessed tremendously. We are looking for a church closer to home. Thank you.


Name: David Johnson (email)     Date: 11/29/2011, 14:41
Comments: I would like to hear from you about some activities on opposing illegal immigrants from accessing public services etc.

David Johnson

Name: DUSE MOURA (email)     Date: 11/15/2011, 9:20
Comments: Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
in His name I ask you to keep praying for
me and my family for salvation and healing.
In His precious name.
Duse Moura.

Name: DUSE MOURA (email)     Date: 9/19/2011, 21:55
Comments: Praise the Lord for your love in keeping my
prayer request posted here some time ago. May the Lord Jesus be honored among all members of this faithfull church.In His name. Amen.

Name: Ifiok John Imah (email)     Date: 8/28/2011, 13:45
Comments: I am so glad to go through your web especially your heritage, this is the link chain succession, God bless this great work i am proud to be a Baptist.

Name: Cindy (email)     Date: 8/14/2011, 19:16
Comments: I truely appreciate the truth that you and your church stands for. I love how you have the heritage of your church posted and I agree whole heartedly with the articles of Faith as well. Thank you for your service and ministry! I encourage you all to be strong in the Lord and reach souls for Christ. God Bless!

Name: Juana Barroco (email)     Date: 8/11/2011, 15:47
Comments: This site is a real inspiration.

Name: DUSE A MOURA (email)     Date: 6/19/2011, 14:37
Comments: Please,remember my prayer request before the Lord. I would like to be close to this body of Christ.Amen.

Name: DUSE A MOURA (email)     Date: 6/19/2011, 14:37
Comments: Please,remember my prayer request before the Lord. I would like to be close to this body of Christ.Amen.

Name: DUSE A MOURA (email)     Date: 6/19/2011, 14:37
Comments: Please,remember my prayer request before the Lord. I would like to be close to this body of Christ.Amen.

Name: DUSE A MOURA (email)     Date: 6/19/2011, 14:37
Comments: Please,remember my prayer request before the Lord. I would like to be close to this body of Christ.Amen.

Name: Dan B. Baldemor (email)     Date: 12/4/2010, 18:07
Comments: Dear Pastor Larry Killion
Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus
Christ to Him be glory forever Amen.How are you there and your church. We in The Lord`s Missionary Baptist Church of Maco progressively doing well.New members added to the church.I would like to inform you about my new E-mail add: If you want to view my facebook,just type my name. Please continue praying for us as we also continue praying for you. May God bless you.

Brother Dan B. Baldemor

Name: keijo (email)     Date: 9/30/2010, 11:21
Comments: I am so touch of gospel and to be used of the Lord more nad more and see his mighty power that move among us and may the angels army will enter into the earth tha twe can see them in our own the eyes joy and miracles,thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden

Name: pastor gerald barrinuevo (email)     Date: 7/28/2010, 2:08
if you want to see our ministry just ckick my name at the facebook
thanks and God bless

Name: pastor gerald barrinuevo (email)     Date: 7/28/2010, 2:05

Name: cresencio baldemor (email)     Date: 6/15/2010, 7:40
Comments: Dear pastor killion,
Greetings to all in wonderful name of our Lord and Savior Jesus christ.
Thank you very much for continued prayer and financial supports.I am still in Apokon,Tagum City.The missions are going on.please continue praying or us as we also pray for you.please continue pray the financial needs for the building in lawa-an.
God Bless You."Be faithfull unto death.Rev.2:10".

Brother cresencio Baldemor

Name: Cresencio Baldemor (email)     Date: 6/14/2010, 8:38
Comments: Keep Up the Good Work

Name: Elder Dexter O. Malud Sr. (email)     Date: 6/10/2010, 9:48
Comments: Thank you pastor for allowing me to sign in your guest book, thank for your effort in posting available messages for our readings.I consider myself new to the Faith of the Lord Jesus Christ.

For HIM Alone,
Dexter O. Malud Sr.

Name: Kristina Pietsch (email)     Date: 5/12/2010, 15:54
Comments: hello pastor. a long time it has been. I could use some prayer, and i am looking for a sister church here in phoenix, if you have any in mind or could ask the Lord to guide me in the right direction, Please. Thank you.

Name: Alice Kelley (email)     Date: 1/4/2010, 12:22
Comments: Bro. & Sister Killion, It is always good& uplifting to look at your churches Web page.
May the Lord continue to bless & strengthen you.

Name: ian reid (email)     Date: 12/10/2009, 13:18
Comments: Dear friends. Please pray for our nine-year-old ministry (started in 2001) -- (Testifying Jesus’ Love in Truth).

Name: Pastor Romeo Aluad Sr. homepage (email)     Date: 12/2/2009, 22:40
Comments: Dear pastor Killion,
Im happy to know that you are in good health, I am also happy that i have come across your website. I would like you to know that i have gone to one of your missions in the Philippines,particularly in Apocon, Tagum City. Hope that someday we can meet each other in one of your missions in the Philippines.
I am also Pastoring in Grace Baptist Church, Compostela Valley Province where your mission work in Maco is also part of the province.

Name: Pastor Larry Killion homepage (email)     Date: 8/16/2009, 21:36
Comments: Dear akaJohn Doe,

THX 4 ur sig. Sounds like u r unsaved. I sent u a gospel msg but ur email was BOGUS.

Name: John Doe (email)     Date: 8/7/2009, 9:15
Comments: I recently found your website and noticed you say on the front page "come grow with us" but I'm not sure I can because I'm not sure I'm one of the elect.

I heard a Bible teacher once say that, if calvinism is true, isn't it interesting that the elect just so happen to live near soul winning churches. Kind of amazing when you think about it. Anyways, enjoy the election thing...I've got some witnessing to do.

Name: Cresencio Baldemor (email)     Date: 7/10/2009, 22:37
Comments: Greetings in the name of our Lord.Pls. remind Bro.turner that i have not receive the support for the month of july,2009.He might forget or whatever reason pastor i need the money for my expenses here in my mission in lawa-an,ozamis.Me and my wife are here.thank you and God Bless.

Name: Dan B.Baldemor (email)     Date: 7/10/2009, 7:20
Comments: Pastor Larry,
Greetings here in the name of Our Lord Jesus.I am Brother Dan B. Baldemor from The LOrd's Missionary Baptist Church Maco,Philippines.I am the son of Brother Cresencio Baldemor and I am so happy to keep brotherly in touch with you.Our Sunday services was doing well and as well as our mid-week prayer meeting. You and your missions are included in our prayers.God Bless you,and please continue to pray us here in the Philippines.

Name: Teh Francis Yai homepage (email)     Date: 5/17/2009, 11:33
Comments: Dear ,
Greetings to you from Cameroon, West Africa. I am pastor Teh Francis of Jinkfuin Baptist Church, a Grace-oriented pastor and enjoys your work as seen online. Praying for you. Pray also for our ministry this side of Africa.See part of my ministry here I was just greeting.

Name: Mel Kimberlin homepage (email)     Date: 3/24/2009, 18:49
Comments: It was a tremendous blessing to be in the services with you folk last Wednesday evening. I thank the Lord for the fellowship His saints are privileged to have with one another. I told the folks out here in Illinois about you all, and the Lord led me to preach a message this past Sunday entitled "Sister Churches." We're praying for you, and we trust you'll be praying for us.

Pastor Mel Kimberlin
Tabernacle Baptist Church
O'Fallon, IL

Name: Pastor David Williams (email)     Date: 3/16/2009, 14:33
Comments: Our church site is and the Church Prospecting Site is

Reach Thousands for pennies and also call every member in minutes every week. This can be a real blessing to every church.

Pastor David Williams

Name: Pastor David Williams (email)     Date: 3/16/2009, 14:31
Comments: Welcome to take a look at our website. Use voice broadcasting and reach thousands in your community for pennies.

In Christ,
Pastor David Williams

Name: Lillian Catherine Tillman homepage (email)     Date: 3/5/2009, 11:49
Comments: Hello, and God's blessings, it's wonderful, to
greet the brethen, of God's people, in any and
all situtations. I am a Roman Catholic, and
I run on with many beliefs that are counter
clockwise to many folks beliefs and understanding, but in all, the basic and
underlying meaning of God's love for us all
is manifold. May God see us all in a new light,
with justice and blessings to all...


Name: Lucinda Gunter (email)     Date: 1/3/2009, 14:02
Comments: I am looking for a church close to Ft. Lewis. We are members of Vandament Avenue Baptist Church in Yukon, OK, John Nelson is our Pastor. I would be greatful for information about your church. I have read the articles of faith. Please forward any other information such as dress standards, your views on christian education, how you support missionaries, tithing, etc. to Thanks you for your time.
Sincerely, Mrs. Michael Gunter

Name: Elizabeth Works (email)     Date: 12/14/2008, 1:20
Comments: Good morning Brother Killion!
I just wanted to send you a quick note to remind you that we haven't forgotten you all in Washington and that you're still in our prayers no matter how far God has placed us.

God bless the services there at TLBC of Tacoma.


Name: Rev. Hermann D. Sasse homepage (email)     Date: 10/4/2008, 22:27
Comments: Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour
For the first time I came across your
Web Site. Very Interesting.

I´m a Pastor at the Gospelchurch in Waterloo,
ON. Canada. Have been to Brazil as a Missionary for about 20 years. Was born and
raised in Germany.

Now I am pastoring this Church of German
Background. God bless you all, united in
His Love, your brother, hds

Name: Doylene Brents homepage (email)     Date: 9/21/2008, 21:43
Comments: I enjoy reading your site. I'm wondering about the sermon on the four kinds of saved people. Your friend from Shelfari, Doylene

Name: pastor isaac maila odah (email)     Date: 9/8/2008, 6:55
Comments: Dear pastor
we are organizing an outreach to some villages in nigeria please kindly help us get some newtestament bibles to distribute to people in the villages you can send people to come also to part of what the lord will do we will do it in the month of december
pastor isaac maila
k-vom baptist chuirch
p.o box 216 vom
jos plateau state, nigeria

Name: Lucas homepage (email)     Date: 7/7/2008, 15:36
Comments: Kids singing praises! There is nothing more beautiful. Praise God! I just wanted to leave a note to say that I pray that your church is blessed, and that your kids ministry continues to grow and florish. Jesus said that heaven was made up of such as the little children! Praise God for that! This blessing is braught to you by the beleivers at May God bless all who seek him and are called according to his purpose!

Name: Stanislav and Nina Poshtar from Ukraine homepage (email)     Date: 5/30/2008, 16:56
Comments: Dear brother in Christ/ Thank you for your letter. I will answer for your question more latter/ God bless you and your family!

Name: Pastor homepage (email)     Date: 5/25/2008, 20:57
Comments: It's good to see folks signing our guestbook again.

I Jn 4:1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

1 Tim 3:15 But if I tarry long, that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth.

Name: Traditional Family Resources homepage (email)     Date: 5/21/2008, 21:50
Comments: The church lied to us.

Name: Allan Svensson homepage (email)     Date: 5/16/2008, 12:11
Comments: Hi.
I found your Website by Yahoo!
And I wish you the best you can get,
the peace of God through Jesus Christ.

Welcome to visit my Site.

Why does the Revival tarry? It is because God's
people tarry to obey the powerful command
of the Lord, in Rev. 18:4.
It is the most powerful revival message
of the Lord to his people in our time

Name: Nilo del Mundo (email)     Date: 3/10/2008, 15:20
Comments: I read with JOY the dismissal, rebaptism, and giving authority of Bro. Crescencio Baldemor for his stand on the doctrines of Grace.

I also came from a BBF church but was rebaptized due to difference of faith and practice.

We are now here in SAUDI ARABIA working for the Lord as a mission to Filipinos.

God Bless you in the Lord's Baptist church

Name: Pamela homepage (email)     Date: 3/8/2008, 17:20
Comments: It was nice stopping by for a visit. Your website is really nice and pleases the Lord. Please stop by my pages

Name: Stephen and Bonita Ann Richie homepage (email)     Date: 3/5/2008, 18:37
Comments: Please feel welcomed to visit our website "Living Hope In Jesus" ( There are eternal treasures there from The LORD Jesus Christ that will be of interest and help to you.

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Name: ASABA IMO homepage (email)     Date: 2/16/2008, 14:26

Name: Allan Svensson homepage (email)     Date: 2/11/2008, 9:36
Comments: Hi.
I found your Website by Yahoo! Search
And I wish you the best you can get,
the peace of God through Jesus Christ.

Welcome to visit my Site.
Allan Svensson, Sweden

What is Babylon the great? It is all churches and

Name: Mr. Anderson T. Cayat (email)     Date: 1/23/2008, 19:22
Comments: great God bless his work!!!!

anyone can email me i'm here Baguio City

Name: HUBERT RAY TYLER (email)     Date: 1/13/2008, 11:47
Comments: GREAT WORK!!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!

Name: Jan Jonker homepage (email)     Date: 1/3/2008, 15:02
Comments: Great site,may the Lord bless you for al of
the good work you are doing for Him!

Name: Steve homepage (email)     Date: 12/29/2007, 12:50
Comments: I like your site. God bless.

Name: Frank R. homepage (email)     Date: 12/9/2007, 17:26
Comments: Just a note of encouragement. I was wandering around the Internet looking at Baptist church sites and wound up here. I like your site, and you seem to be an active church. I especially like your support of the missionaries, the sermons, and the ecards. Stay strong in the Lord. God bless!

Name: Gretchen Lopez (email)     Date: 11/16/2007, 16:29
Comments: Greetings to you, Bro. Killion, Marion and all of the brethren. I visited your site again today and heard a message by Dempsey Henderson. Thank you for making it available. God bless you all.

Name: Denice Sandelin (email)     Date: 11/13/2007, 22:06
Comments: Just looking over your site again. We always enjoy it. Pray everyone is doing good over there. We really enjoyed our time with the Turners. Lord Bless you all and give our love to everyone.

Name: Pastor John Pruitt (email)     Date: 10/9/2007, 5:22
Comments: May God richly bless the great work that you are doing.

Name: Elizabeth (email)     Date: 10/5/2007, 14:16
Comments: Hey, just thinking of you all at Tacoma and stopped by the page. Read brother Killion's comment on the lack of posts so I thought I'd say hi. Hope sister Killion is filling well and brother Turner enjoying retirement.

You're all in our prayers here in Graham.

Name: Kevin (email)     Date: 9/29/2007, 18:44
Comments: I seek the Spirit to prepare for service. By the Spirit I would like to share Jesus in word/life with the lost to become believers/disciples of Christ. I pray Christians cease avoiding the Spirit because of controversial things, but instead be empowered by and surrender to the Spirit. God open the hearts of my family, Vic & family, Bryan for Jesus. Pray God will move in China raising up workers from around the world to make disciples of Christ. Lord may we love.

Name: Ralph Blake (email)     Date: 9/21/2007, 22:50
Comments: Dear Brethren,

Greetings in the blessedname of our Lord and Savior Jesus christ. I am pastor of the harmony Baptist church in Godfrey, Il. We are blessed by God's grace to be able to help support brotehre Ellis in Ireland.
I was looking around the internet and looked up your web page. It looks good. We hope to have ours up before years end.

May God continue to bless you all, as yo serve Him.
Yours by His grace,
Pastor Blake

Name: dave (email)     Date: 9/11/2007, 9:10
Comments: A woman in Mexico with Cancer called for prayer was
healed. Steven of Maryland
came down with a rare incurable blood disease
"Polycythemia Vera"
He went back to the doctor
and he said Steven's
blood is now normal and he is healed.

People healed of Bell's Palsy,Rare Disorders at:
Baltimore Christian Faith Center
10308 Liberty Road
Randallstown, Md 21133
(410) 655-3777

Name: Gerald Stanley (email)     Date: 6/27/2007, 14:18
Comments: God bless you, Brother Killion. Your web site is a blessing. I am an actively retired Baptist pastor living in Hope, Arkansas. I'd love to hear from you so that I can share more. God bless.

Name: tim buettner (email)     Date: 6/12/2007, 13:28
Comments: God Bless you!

These are two christian websites I invite you to view and share:

Name: Pastor Killion homepage (email)     Date: 5/28/2007, 18:51
Comments: Here we are almost a year after I put the extra secuity on our guest book and NO ONE has posted anything. I think I'll take off the security for a while and see if we still get the spam...

Pastor Killion

Name: Pastor Killion homepage (email)     Date: 7/16/2006, 18:14
Comments: Our server folks have come up with a way to block the computerized mechanical spamming that was taking place on our guestbook. It makes it a little more cumbersome to leave a post but at least we are not saturated with unrelated comments and references any more.

Bro Killion

Name: Pastor Killion homepage (email)     Date: 6/11/2006, 17:23
Comments: Spammers have figured out how to spam our guest book. Pleas do not let that discourage YOU from leaving your legitimate notes of encouragement. I'll delete the spam on a routine basis. Larry

Name: Elder Ronald D. Jacutin, Sr. homepage (email)     Date: 4/13/2006, 4:28
Comments: Dear Brethren,
Thanks to God for your website. I appreciate for being a witness of Christ to the world of internet. Keep up the good job for the Lord.

I truly rejoice in reading your baptist heritage. I copy them so that I can present it in our next theologian's forum here in Toril, Davao City.

Name: Gene Kiger (email)     Date: 4/11/2006, 9:32
Comments: Bro. Killion,

I emailed you about Bro. Ellis attending our Bible confernce over Labor Day, please let me know if the Lord's Church is in aggrement with this. Bro. Ellis said he was, but we want the authority of his sponsoring church. We will pay for his & his wife if they diesire, and put them up while here with us. We require they spend 10 days or so with us. Please respond ASAP, so we can arrange air fare.

Name: susie (email)     Date: 3/23/2006, 22:52
Comments: You have such a wonderful website. However i was wondering as i was going to Morroco soon that my friend and his family wants to become a christian what should i do. Any help please send me an email. thankyou for your kind words

Name: Rodney Barkley homepage (email)     Date: 3/16/2006, 22:37
Comments: What a wonderful site you folks have. Check out our web site. May God richly bless you.

Name: Dr. James Dodson homepage (email)     Date: 3/3/2006, 20:03
Comments: Hello,let me introduce myself. I am a psychologist who is a life coach. I am a HS dropout who entered the Army at a tender age. I combine my SpOp's experience with my studies in social work and positive psychology to assist people in attaining a 'peak performance lifestyle'. I work with them so that by identifying the very best in ourselves,we can achieve new and sustainable levels of authentic
contentment,gratification,and meaning.

Name: Gary Hawkins homepage (email)     Date: 1/17/2006, 17:42
Comments: My name is Bro Gary Hawkins out of
freedom baptist church were the good
pastor is J.T.Byerly working with kjbb
radio station were are of like faith of
pastor Bobby Roberson pastor Clarance Sexton
pastor Jack Trieber,and we are looking
for GODly preachers 336-624-6406

Name: Terry Hodges (email)     Date: 1/16/2006, 9:55
Comments: Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are members of Grace Missionary Baptist Church in Tulsa Oklahoma, and Bro. David O'Neal is our pastor. Please pray for both David and his wife Betty, as they are going through many trying medical problems. The Lord is blessing them with courage and they are leaning on Him and leaving their burdens with Him. God's richest blessings be on you and your church.

Name: Paul Sandelin (email)     Date: 12/26/2005, 1:03
Comments: Bro. Killion,
Greetings in the name that is above every name. Just thought I would drop you a line and say Hello. As always I am enjoying your web page. I enjoyed reading your sermon from today.
We miss everyone over there. You all always make us feel welcome, and we enjoy the fellowship greatly. We hope to get to come visit again soon.
Tell everyone Hello for us.It is such a blessing to see your thankfulness to the Lord for what He has blessed you with.
In Christ, Paul

Name: Brother Randy Johnson homepage (email)     Date: 12/25/2005, 22:20
Comments: Nice web site. May God bless you church and your service for Him.

Name: elder faraon ruiz diola (email)     Date: 12/13/2005, 20:11
Comments: Dear Brother Larry,
Thanks for the opportunity to sign your guestbook.

By Gods Absolutely Grace Alone,

Elder faraon Ruiz Diola
P.O.BOX 39

Name: please take this anonymously (email)     Date: 12/6/2005, 12:37
Comments: Please pray God will answer EVERY prayer request on the prayer request lists I have AND that God will also answer EVERY prayer request on my heart too. Thank you!---I'm at a library computer, I came here to ask for prayer, I don't have an email address

Name: Harace Hammond homepage (email)     Date: 10/21/2005, 18:13
Comments: Really enjoy your website: It would seen we are on the same page as far as the Church truths and the Doctrines of Grace are concerned. We have a great Sovereign God Who doeth all things well, don't we! We will spread the word in this area about your web page so they too can rejoice. In His service, H.H.

Name: Elder Ronaldo Lopez homepage (email)     Date: 10/21/2005, 3:37
Comments: you have a very nice and interesting web site!

Name: MR OBI MUGU homepage (email)     Date: 9/13/2005, 14:51

Name: Diana Hendry (email)     Date: 9/9/2005, 17:18
Comments: Greetings! Welcome to the neighborhood and may your mission here be greatly blessed. I've enjoyed your website and look forward to visiting your church in the near church. God bless and keep you! In Christ, Diana

Name: keijo (email)     Date: 8/11/2005, 1:14
Comments: Hallo and good dear greeting from nice the sweden and take toward new power and grace for this day of fight and attack of evil bad power,in the name of Jesus Christ, he is the life and are among us with the Holy Spirits power and help.Pray for good revival.Thanks and bless.keijo sweden

Name: Conrado T. Espino Jr. (email)     Date: 8/8/2005, 4:42
Comments: Praise God your website is good. And the testimonies of your missionary encourage me. Because presently i experiencing of what he experienced. Please include us in your prayer that can find a new sponsouring church. im from missionary batist also but of my belief of TULIP they exclude me. God Bless!!!!!!

Bro Conrad

Name: Conrado T. Espino Jr. (email)     Date: 8/8/2005, 4:42
Comments: Praise God your website is good. And the testimonies of your missionary encourage me. Because presently i experiencing of what he experienced. Please include us in your prayer that can find a new sponsouring church. im from missionary batist also but of my belief of TULIP they exclude me. God Bless!!!!!!

Bro Conrad

Name: cheryl coldiron homepage (email)     Date: 7/29/2005, 13:52
Comments: Ain't God Good?

Name: Troy McGahan (email)     Date: 7/9/2005, 8:23
Comments: Brother Killion,

This is the first time that I have reall sit down and looked at your website. It is excellent!!!!! I enjoyed visiting with you last fall in California and I am glad to hear that you have new property. Keep up the good work.

God bless,

Brother Troy

Name: Cookie Gednalske (email)     Date: 6/5/2005, 1:50
Comments: Pastor Killion,
Thank you for the e-mail. I have been reading your web page. I like the messages, but it's nothing like hearing you in person. I really miss your preaching and Bro. Jim's teaching, and the fellowship of all members.
Lord Willing I am going to attempt to come to your July 2, one day conference.
May the Lord Bless you all.
Sister Cookie

Name: Paul Sandelin (email)     Date: 5/17/2005, 10:56
Comments: Bro. Killion,
Great Web site. Do you know if South Park Missionary Baptist Church is having their Conference this year? We really enjoyed attending last year. There was alot of great fellowship.

Name: David M. Green homepage (email)     Date: 5/12/2005, 18:31
Comments: Greetings Brother KIllion!

Nice website...will definitely add a link from my site to yours! May God richly bless you in whatever you do!

Name: brother brandon (email)     Date: 5/10/2005, 17:29
Comments: how are we doing, i sent an e-mail to you brother killion hope you got it and if not my address is:
please write. talk to you later

Name: MGBADA JOE ABA (email)     Date: 5/6/2005, 4:35

Name: Nick homepage (email)     Date: 4/30/2005, 23:40
Comments: Just came to say hi. My friend ruztic pointed me here.

Name: Allan Svensson homepage (email)     Date: 4/19/2005, 10:51
Comments: Glory to God and his dear Son Jesus Christ,
the great Revival is coming.
What is a revival? How does a revival rise?

The Body of Christ, the most valuable that exists on the earth

God's Law and God's Gospel

Name: Ken Johnson (email)     Date: 4/9/2005, 17:57
Comments: Good to hear from you and we are praying for Bro. Hiebet and the work with him and Bro. Antonucci. Known them both for years. Trust God will continue to bless your work also.

Name: herbert wayne crow pastor (email)     Date: 3/8/2005, 16:42
Comments: my bro both of us have changed since i first saw you in ashland ky

and more recentely when i was there for the conference that bro works had

praise the lord for the good homepage

love because of jesus to one and all

bro crow

Name: Dusty Dan Johnson (email)     Date: 3/1/2005, 13:33
Comments: really enjoyed your site. a very good friend of mine Dovey, sent me this link. God bless ya'll in all your endeavers. Dusty

Name: Irene Kats (email)     Date: 1/3/2005, 8:31
Comments: what a web page....Irene

Name: keijo (email)     Date: 11/16/2004, 10:31
Comments: Feel just now the Lords love with the heavenly warm and peace ,blessing with the Holy spirts power, be heal and may the Lord make somethings new in yours the heart.Pray for revival.Blessing keijo sweden

Name: Allen Chance (email)     Date: 7/29/2004, 23:58
Comments: Greetings Bro. Killion,

I have the privilege of writing to you to inform you that the church (Friendly Baptist Church in Ethelsville, AL.) has just voted this evening in a special business meeting to assist your church with the support for Elder Robert Ellis.

In His service,

Bro. Allen

Name: Dan Sullivan homepage (email)     Date: 7/23/2004, 13:07
Comments: Thanks for posting our newsletter on your website. I liked your website and will visit often. Glad to know of another solid church in Washington state. Another brother there writes occasionally - Perry Ames - but I have never met him in person.

Glad to know another Brother in the Lord and hope that we may meet someday.

In God's grace,
Dan Sullivan
GBBM Thailand

Name: Pastor Killion homepage (email)     Date: 7/8/2004, 21:51
Comments: We've received a lot of the notes that came in lately for the church. I was going to post them here in the guest book of our web site but there is not enough space for them all. Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and words and please continue to remember us in your prayers.


Name: MGBADA JOE ABA NAIJA (email)     Date: 7/2/2004, 6:42

Name: Pastor Killion homepage (email)     Date: 6/16/2004, 20:13
Comments: Hello Bro Kiger,

Thanks for the phone call.

Here is info again.

Bob Ellis
28 Hillview Estate
Co. Cork, Ireland

Phone: 011 353 21 437-4838

Yours in the old KJV landmarks
by sovereign grace,

Larry J. Killion

Name: Gene Kiger (email)     Date: 6/13/2004, 19:15
Comments: I write to you concerning the mailing address for Brother Robert Ellis. We support him and have a gift box to send him. Also, a couple from Grace Baptist Church of Rural Hall, NC will be in or near Ireland this November, Lord willing. They talked of attempting to contact him, while there. Please send us his address.

Name: Thomas Carne (email)     Date: 6/6/2004, 20:21
Comments: I joined TLBC because the Lord has showm me through many years, since 1970 when I was saved, doctrine Pure and undefiled pleases God 1 Timothy 3: 16-17. My personal search for that type Church brought me to Tacoma Wa.
May the mercy of God be with you and provide a place of meeting again. I miss my church so much and wish I could be there with you. I just pray that the Lord has a higher purpose in sending me away, here to Louisiana.In the Name of our Soverign Lord, Jesus the Christ

Name: Kelley Hinson (email)     Date: 3/31/2004, 6:28
Comments: Really nice job Brother. Enjoyed the history. Will come back often and enjoy the rest of the site.

Name: Manuel J. Seymour, Sr., ThD (email)     Date: 3/30/2004, 15:32
Comments: I just stumbled onto your site. I hope to know more of you as time goes on. Thank you!

Name: James E. Hobbs (email)     Date: 3/28/2004, 14:22
Comments: Good job. It was all very interesting and informative.

Name: Roger Jones (email)     Date: 3/6/2004, 10:30
Comments: Hello Bro. Larry,

You did a great job here on your site. I appreciate all the truths it contains. May the Lord continue to bless the work there in Washington.

Bro. Roger Jones II Cor 7:16

Name: Jonathan Parel (email)     Date: 2/23/2004, 23:14
Comments: Thanks for launching this page! A real channel of blessing! Please include in your prayers that the Lord would send somebody to start a "Real Bible-Believing, Local & Independent Baptist Church" in my wife's hometown, Macabebe, Pampanga, Philippines. God bless this page, and the people behind it.

Yours In Christ,

Jonathan Parel
(0918) 2606754

Name: Curtis Pugh (email)     Date: 2/20/2004, 1:37
Comments: WOW! I am really impressed. Bro. Killion I had no idea such a page existed with such helpful information and news about our Brethren. Keep up the Great Work! I have pushed the "favorite" button on this one. Curtis Pugh, Bocsa, Romania

Name: Jun Herrera (email)     Date: 2/16/2004, 21:12
Comments: I'm Jun Herrera of Higher Ground Baptist Church, Caloocan, Philippines, I just love browsing the net and finding churches of like faith and practise. God bless, and continue to serve him faithfully till He comes.

Name: MGBADAJOE@ABA.COM (email)     Date: 1/23/2004, 15:11

Name: Don Berry homepage (email)     Date: 12/30/2003, 7:25
Comments: You have done a good job on your site. I like dropping by from time to time. Although we have never actually met, it is like visiting with an old friend.

In Christ,

Bro. Don Berry

Name: David A. Shortt homepage (email)     Date: 10/15/2003, 19:02
Comments: A very nice site. I just love browsing the net and finding churches of like faith and practise. Although this particular one was not discovered that way - in fact I do not know who sent me the e-mail with your information on it. But I am glad they did. I hope you take time to search my site out to.

I am a good friend of Pastor Paul Tuck whom I see also has a posting in this guest book.

God bless until we all meet together sometime

David Shortt

Name: Fred Mellink homepage (email)     Date: 3/11/2003, 17:09
Comments: Greetings from a fellow christian in the Netherlands. I'm active member of the Evang. Bapt.Comm."Het Baken" in Eindhoven where I do PR work & am in music ministry (keyboard). I came by this site via my trial to set up e-business, not for myself directly, but for the good cause (Dorkas, Unicef,etc.) The URL directs to my business philosophy description.
For the fun is here the link of our church:
God Bless,

Name: Elder D. Paul Tuck Sr. (email)     Date: 2/11/2003, 18:55
Comments: Bro. Killion:
I am glad to see your site is back and running. I was glad to see your photo of Bro. Cresencio Baldemor. My what a gracious man! It was good to fellowship briefly with him in Davao City. Bro. Teddy Badilles and I had prayer with him before his operation.I preached in Tagum and visited the Maco Mission with Brother Dan. These are good works, and this brother is worthy of the support of the Lord's Churches.
Yours by Grace alone,
Elder D. Paul Tuck Sr.

Name: Don Austin homepage (email)     Date: 2/10/2003, 12:55
Comments: I know what it means to have a server crash as I am recovering from one right now at work.

I haven't visited for a while but it is good to know I can once again. It is good to visit the site of a church of like faith and order.

God bless you all.

Don Austin, webmaster
Twinbrook Hills Baptist Church
Hamilton, Ohio 45013

Name: Ronnie Wolfe homepage (email)     Date: 2/10/2003, 9:08
Comments: I know about those crashes. They are bad! It takes a lot of time to rebuild what has been lost. Thanks for reminding me of your site and for not losing my e-mail address.

Shirley continues to be very tired and is awaiting notification from the insurance company to go ahead a stem cell transplant. Thanks for your prayers.

Name: Bert Craft (email)     Date: 2/10/2003, 8:48
Comments: Hello, Brother Killion,

Sorry to hear of your website crash. Just wanted to let you know that we began the Abounding Grace Baptist Mission (Independent and Particular) yesterday with the scriptural, authoritative baptism by inmersion of six people. There are others who are being dealt with by our Sovereign Lord. Thank you for having a part and helping us to carry the Gospel of God's glorious, sovereign grace to this people in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Bert Craft

Name: Pastor Killion homepage (email)     Date: 2/2/2003, 19:46
Comments: Hello Folks,
Thanks to all those who posted notes to us in the past. Unfortunately, our web site provider had a server crash and we lost all the old notes. I hope you will pop in again and say hi and tell us what is going on with you these days. Yours in Him, LJK

Please be patient we are updating the look of our website.  Thank you.